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Portland IT Services Discusses the Effects of Outages for Companies

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A system outage in your company is a huge disaster for your business, especially when it happens during the peak hours of the day. This chaotic experience causes companies bog loses, particularly for businesses that utilize the cloud-based system for their entire operation. Your company faces a bug loss when your system goes offline, even for a matter of minutes only. And then you are left with the problem of getting your system back online with the help of your Portland IT services company. As an IT support, we offer our reliable and outstanding skills in helping your business get up from scrambling through the mess that a system downtime brings. Much more than an inconvenience, a system downtime makes you lose precious time, potential customers, and a huge profit after the disastrous blackout of your system.

Hackers love system downtime

You as a company and us a IT hate the system downtime occurrence, but these times are when cyber criminals who lay waiting are happy. They are always for the opportunity to penetrate your system from the outside. Cyber criminals can always figure out a way to piggy back to your system as soon as it goes back online, or they could operate on your behalf while your network is out. And that is a very scary part, since when you lose eyes on your network, the dark hearted hackers can take full advantage of it and exploit you system while your IT support is busy fixing the network error. That is why it is crucial to choose only the most reliable Portland IT services company to handle your network security, because we know exactly what to do in order to reduce the risk of downtimes in your system and keep your network and whole system safe and secure even when outages happen.

Effects of system outage in your company

No matter how you look at it, a system outage is absolutely not a good thing for your company. But sometimes we cannot help it, but what we can do is do everything in our power as IT support to keep system outages from happening. We understand how hard it is for a system to be crippled by an unlucky natural system downtime, but most of all we know firsthand how a cyber attack that causes a system outage can cripple a company in a just a few hours of hackers attacking the system. So you are more aware of what can happen to your system once a cyber attack is happening, let us take a deep dive of the effects of system outages.

Reduced productivity

Your company has a website, email support, customer service support, chat support, and all other company operations that rely solely on the network and cloud-based system to work. With the outage in the system, no one in your company can do their job properly, and all email, supports, and more are pending until the network is back up. And so as a result the productivity of your company is crippled for the time being, and even a minute of network outage caused you tons of undone paperwork, unanswered customer inquiries, and approval of financial activities, work schedules, and more are put on hold until the system outage is lifted. But thanks to our skillful and talented staff as your dedicated Portland IT services, you no longer need to worry much about network or system outages because we will take care of that for you.

Sales opportunities are lost

Your business products and services are featured online and your company website is available for the world to see, but when your network or system is down, then you are losing the opportunity to acquire sales from your potential customers. Your potential website visitors will not wait for more than 15 seconds, much more minutes for your business to go back online, unless of course if they need to or if they are your long time customers. So when customers leave to open other company websites and find what they are looking for, then you are losing money. And that is why you need us, the most highly recommended Portland IT services to take care of network outage for your company.

Jeopardize brand reputation

Your brand reputation is an essential aspect of your business and you must take care of your brand name no matter what. However, if your system is constantly offline, your customers will think badly of your company, no matter great your products and services are. And so to help you ensure that your brand name is preserved and customers will continue to patronize your brand, we will do everything in our power as your Portland IT services team to update your system, monitor your network, and provide technical resolutions to issues as soon as they are detected so your business will not experience a system outage that can cripple your company.

Loss of data

One of the major risks in system outages is the loss of data. During the system outage, your company data could get lost, no thanks to the cold hearted cyber criminals who always take advantage of network outages in order to creep into the system and steal whatever they see as valuable information that they can exploit for their own gains.


A system outage is a huge mess that no company deserves to experience, especially for a business that transacts financially online, like an online ordering platform, banking transactions, and more. It is not easy to have a system outage, and so we, as your Portland IT services, promises to do our best to the full extent of our capacity to work super hard to keep your system safe and absolutely secure, so you can continue business as usual, and you will not be losing data, customers, or profits due to system outages. And of course, our reputation relies on your satisfaction as a successful business.

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