Bytagig and North Clackamas

Bytagig is proud to announce its newly established relationship with the North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce. We’re enthused to create a strong foundation as we acquaint ourselves and develop good business relations within the chamber.

As a premier and trusted managed service provider, Bytagig is more than ready to help businesses across the board with their critical IT needs. Where cybersecurity and IT infrastructure are more important than ever, we’re prepared to step up and provide resources where they’re needed most.

Who is Bytagig?

Bytagig is an established managed-service-provider that’s assisted the IT industry for a decade. Lead by experienced leadership, we leverage all our resources to establish a strong, scaling foundation for small-to-medium sized businesses. What that means is any company in need of cybersecurity, IT infrastructure, communication solutions, data backup, and more can look to MSP for assistance.

We accomplish this by taking a human-focused approach, meaning we emphasize communication and understanding of the needs of our clients. We treat you as a person on a case-by-case basis, rather than applying a generic approach to our IT services. This translates to a customized, unique resource solution for our clients.

How do we help you?

As a managed service provider, Bytagig offers flexible IT resources from anywhere. Businesses encounter limitations often based on location, such as a lack of available expert staff or infrastructure. However, Bytagig is capable of providing these elements both physically and remotely. With us, you’re no longer forced to make major business decisions based on limited factors. 

We leverage our unique expertise and IT to help you at any time with any problem.

Our Values

As we forge new relationships with clients in the North Clackamas area, it’s important to understand the values we hold at Bytagig.

  • 100 percent satisfaction – we don’t quit until you’re happy.
  • Total honesty and transparency – we break down our services and costs so you know exactly what you get.
  • We take ownership of the situation and assume responsibility for all IT infrastructure.
  • We value people first.

Bytagig’s Mission

The world of cybersecurity is dangerous and full of unknowns. Numerous businesses of smaller scale often lack the resources, capital, and staff to handle major cybersecurity threats. With a surge of digital attacks, the reliance and need for scaling IT resource only increases. However, what about the business that can’t respond in time? What if they lack mission-critical capital to protect themselves?

That’s where Bytagig steps in. We’re a passionate body of trained staff that all carry the same goal: to protect your industry from the latest cybersecurity threats. From keeping in-tune with the rapidly changing IT ecosystem to providing new resources, we’re with you every step of the way.

As we work and build with the North Clackamas community, we’re eager to demonstrate our business model as a trusted resource, capable of handling SMB needs while charging forward against cybersecurity threats.

Contact us today for more information.

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