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Based in Portland, Oregon, and available wherever you need us, Bytagig is trusted by startups and small businesses nationwide for our technical expertise spanning countless industries and excellent client experience. Whether you seek IT solutions to tackle network compliance, cybersecurity, managed IT services, desktop and server setup and support, or general workflow management, we’ve got the skills to deliver personalized solutions that are designed to meet the unique needs of your business. Get unlimited remote support for all your IT needs today.

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Financial Services

Bytagig helps streamline your business by adhering to CFPB regulations while improving everything from cybersecurity to project management. Strengthen your network and prevent data breaches by partnering with us for your firm’s IT needs.

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Our team of experts work hard to craft custom solutions designed to meet your business’s unique challenges and set of demands. Overcoming a wide variety of obstacles, Bytagig helps your team save time and energy by streamlining workflow and strengthening cybersecurity.

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Life Sciences

Bytagig frees up your team’s time and energy by taking comprehensive care of all things IT-related for your business. Our familiarity with typical biotech applications, such as LiveDesign and D360, gives us an edge over our competitors.

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What We Do

  • Protect your confidential information with real-time monitoring and immediate notifications on compromising credentials 24/7
  • Dark Web & Vulnerability Scanning to check for network and system security weaknesses
  • Security Awareness Training to help users and employees avoid security breaches
  • Next-Gen AntiVirus to detect and prevent cyberattacks
Compliance & Managed IT Services
  • IT infrastructure supports your industry’s compliance regulations (NIST, HIPAA, PCI, and more)
  • Avoid penalties and further protect your network from cyberattacks
  • Total third party support for your IT needs ranging from general troubleshooting to in-depth analytics and support
Desktop, Server, and Network Setup and Support
  • Obtain installations of new hardware whilst receiving critical infrastructure and support
  • Get new server infrastructure installed, maintained, and properly upgraded periodically
  • Receive a diverse and layered secure network customized to your firm and industry

Who We Serve

  • Legal Firms
  • Plumbing and Plumbing Utility Industies
  • Electric Services
  • Electric Utility
  • General Construction
  • Marketing and Finance Firms
  • Software and Programming
  • Companies
  • Waste/Recycling Industries
  • Farms and Agriculture
  • Nurseries
  • Automotive Industries
  • Engineering and Manufacturing Industries
  • Health and Fitness Services

FAQs About the Industries We Serve

We are a preferred partner for regional, state, federal, and local government clients nationwide and deliver reliable, secure, and powerful technology solutions.

Whether you’re looking to bring self-service into the mix or want to streamline the business requirements of your local government, we offer:

  • IT consulting
  • Application portfolio management
  • Technology infrastructure hosting
  • Help desk support
  • Much more

We are cloud specialists and have served the financial services industry for many years. In fact, we can provide financial services IT solutions that will protect your data, offer new technologies, and enhance customer experiences. If you’re interested in real-time analytics and AI, we will help you reach your goals and see a high performance in all you do.

It’s hard to say which financial services solutions we offer because they vary based on the client and business. However, most companies want these things:

  • IT solutions for financial services
  • More or better technology
  • Digital transformations
  • Automation
  • Data protection on the cloud and on servers
  • Happier customers
  • Lower costs

We provide all of these things and more!

Overall, financial institutions require solutions that will optimize their efficiency and costs while mitigating risks. The goal is to deliver insights quickly. Many times, financial institutions require a hybrid working environment, and our team can help you achieve your goals while perfecting the customers’ experience.

Our financial IT solutions will put the customers first and turn to a more digitized environment. Many industries rely on the banking and financial institutions to be ready for anything, and we can ensure it happens!

We offer services to those in:

  • Southern California
  • Portland
  • Boston
  • Reno
  • Durham

If you handle a business that relates to life sciences, such as anatomy, biology, and bacteriology, you need someone who can help you deal with your IT requirements. Our services will protect your data and proprietary technology while offering automation and the cloud.

We can assist you with various hybrid cloud ecosystems, including:

  • AWS
  • Red Hat
  • Citrix
  • Microsoft
  • Many others

Most industries are trying to cope with the ever-shifting landscape. This includes government regulation, economic factors, new technology, and more competition. Therefore, it’s crucial to stay competitive and focus on digital transformation to enable:

  • Process Automation – Most industries are focusing on cloud technology to improve scalability and streamline various processes.
  • Digital Innovation – You must attract and engage with customers, and new technology will help you do this. Overall, you need a robust infrastructure, and our services will ensure you reach your goals.
  • Cost Savings – We realize that there are other managed IT solutions available, but we will help you save money and focus on data protection!

To achieve a better outcome, you have to think about what you’re doing and who you serve. For example, data centers should focus on operational efficiency, but financial institutions will require core banking technology that improves the customer experience.

Likewise, most industries require disaster recovery. You want to improve the customer experience by giving them confidence. The best way to do that is through compliance, appropriate data storage, and the use of modern applications. Our services will help you do this and more.

Whether you’re focused on security, data management, or digital growth, our team is here to assist. Please contact us at 503-212-4874 to request a consultation.