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Bytagig offers a wide range of IT consulting services to elevate your company efficiency and productivity. We can inform, educate, and offer various training services to prep your staff for the modern digital economy.

Our IT Consulting breakdown is as follows:

  • Security Consulting and Recommendations – Breaking down best cybersecurity practices, software suggestions, and guidelines for making your business a safer enterprise.
  • Software and Best Practices Recommendations – Consulting on ideal software platforms for your business model along with efficient practices to make full use of it.
  • Technology Roadmaps – Providing insight on what technology trends to follow best suiting your organization, advice on hardware upgrades, infrastructure, etc.
  • Guidelines for Efficiency and Productivity – Consultation on good technology methods, such as advice on streamlining redundant services.
  • Technology Coaching – We provide training and advice for increased technological competency, integration, and understanding. 
  • Budgetary Recommendations – Suggestions and consultation offered for IT infrastructure best suited to a company’s budget, cutting down on excess expenses and needless software.