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Below, you’ll some of our find our favorite business tools and service providers. As a small company, Bytagig understands the importance of word-of-mouth recommendations for helping a startup or entrepreneurial enterprise to grow. While Bytagig receives a small commission from some of these companies, these are services we either use or confidently-endorse for your small enterprise needs. If you’d like more information or have questions about our experiences with these partners, contact us at [email protected].

  • Clickfunnels – sales funnels for connecting with more prospects

  • LegalShield – affordable legal protection for your business and your life

  • Bluehost – web hosting solutions starting at $3.95 per month

  • Todoist – a simple but powerful task manager

  • Trello – cloud-based collaborative project management

  • Slack – a streamlined group communication platform

  • Evernote – a virtual notepad that stores memos, to-do lists, and more

  • Fiverr – find freelance services from video production to graphic design

  • And.co -A mobile app that gets accounting right (read more here)

  • Hurdlr – Another mobile app that tracks expenses, mileage, and more

  • RescueTime – monitor and track your company’s productivity

  • Thumbtack – generate warm leads to grow your sales funnel

  • BetterProposals – quickly write up beautiful proposals for your clients

  • 1password – generate secure, unique passwords and keep them safe

  • Google Drive – online drive storage that can easily sync files across all your devices and keep them safely backed up

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FAQs About the Top Business Tools

Are you looking for the best website tools for small business needs? It’s something all business owners can enjoy, but the decision to choose website builders or pay for one can be challenging. We’ve explained that we can earn commissions from some of the companies we listed, but we realize you may still have questions. Therefore, it’s wise to read the FAQs below for more assistance.

It’s hard to say which small business website tools are the best because there are so many out there. In fact, you might need a few that others don’t require. 

For example, the GoDaddy website builder is ideal if you already have that domain. However, if you have your own website or require SEO tools, you may not need the advantage of the free domain.

The best build-it-yourself business website tools should make life easier for you. Therefore, you may need a website builder for small businesses or require builder software. Likewise, you might decide you require online storage for your files or unique, highly secure passwords. 

Overall, the good news is we’ve already compiled a list of the best business tools. Websites will thrive, and you can still use our services and the builders for small businesses.

It can be exceptionally helpful to use the best website builder. If you wish to create a website and have no experience with coding, the best open-source website tool for a business can make life easier. 

Typically, website builders allow you to do it yourself without hiring anyone or knowing how to code. Generally, we feel it’s best to use website builders for small business owners along with our services. This will give you the best of both worlds.

Sometimes, people choose not to use a website builder for their online stores. If you hire us to create your online store, you can still use the small business tools available on this list.

When you want the best website-building tools for small business needs, it’s wise to focus on someone who can build the site for you. 

Most website builders offer the basics, but you may need extra features, such as a custom domain. In this case, it’s wise to hire us to design and build your online store or site. Then, you can use the tools listed earlier. 

If you work in these areas, you can utilize our services instead of or along with a website builder:

  • Durham
  • Boston
  • Reno
  • Portland
  • Southern California

Our team is here to help and could be even better than a website builder for small business needs.

Typically, free website builders focus solely on making your life easier. This can be excellent for some, but you don’t have complete control over what is portrayed. 

In fact, many times, the website builder platform is cookie-cutter-like. That means everything is similar, and another company website could look like yours.

Instead of choosing a site builder with a drag-and-drop editor, eCommerce tools, and a free plan, it might be wise to work with the top website builders at BYTAGIG!

You can hire your own small business website builder and get everything you need. Plus, you may still use your Google Analytics account and will likely have built-in marketing tools through the use of the companies listed on our website. This will help you get free hosting, online payments acceptance, and more.

There’s no need to touch any aspect of your site. Our team is often better than a traditional eCommerce website builder, and search engines will react well when you have something uniquely designed to meet your needs. Likewise, you won’t have to learn how to use a drag-and-drop interface from the website builder software because we will do it all for you!

Even with the basic plan or an extensive list of features, the website builder tool focuses on making you do it yourself. While you have access to advanced features, you may not know how to use them efficiently.

Do you want to hire the right website builder for eCommerce or other needs? BYTAGIG has a team of professionals. We will be the best eCommerce website builder you will ever require, and you will get to work with real people!

It can vary, depending on whether you create it from scratch, use a website builder, or hire a professional website designer. On average, it will take anywhere from 10 to 14 weeks. 

We always recommend working with someone on our team. Even the best free website builder will require a learning curve and might not give you the features and functionality you crave.