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Bytagig discerns the importance of cybersecurity as cyber threats are increasing during this age of time. We can help you by protecting your sensitive information with a real-time monitoring process and quick notifications on compromising credentials. This encourages quick action, preventing data breach(es) that would have been an expensive compensation.

Desktop setup and support

Bytagig can assist by physically installing new hardware and desktops while providing critical infrastructure and support.

Server install and support

Bytagig can install and maintain new server infrastructure, upgrading as needed.

Network design, install, and support

We can build a diverse, layered, secure network customized for your unique business model. Installation is part of Bytagig services and we provide support throughout the network’s lifespan.

Comprehensive IT systems analysis and best practice recommendation

We can run deep analysis of your IT systems and then develop technological roadmaps for best future practices.

IT Project Management

Need assistance with IT? Bytagig is capable of offering complete third-party for IT services, ranging from basic software troubleshooting to more complex issues.

Software vendor selection

Bytagig understands the difficulty in selecting the proper software for your business. We’re happy to offer recommendations for ideal software choices boosting your business performance while also providing troubleshooting, installation, and support.

managed it services

Bytagig offers total third party support for your IT needs, ranging from general troubleshooting to in-depth analytics and support.

Webhost setup and support

Bytagig can set up your web domain and host and offer total support for security, troubleshooting, and hosting needs.

Website design, setup, and support

Bytagig can help customize and build a website domain unique to your business from the ground up. We optimize for SEO, reactivity, and mobile device compatibility. We also offer support services and security suites to keep your info safe.

Email Migration

As clients love convenience, Bytagig offers services to have multiple email accounts to be in one place. Bytagig can migrate any email provider to software programs such as Google Suite and Microsoft Office 365 without the need of having you to do the complex work.

Data analysis in Excel

Bytagig can develop and create digestible reports via excel and offer useful data analytics for your business. This allows you to pinpoint critical areas to improve.

Microsoft Office support

Bytagig offers universal support for the Microsoft Office suite and its accompanying programs like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. We also offer tips and training to make full use of the software.

Software Training

Bytagig offers a robust training resource program for various software tools, getting your staff up-to-speed on best practices.

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