Future Regulatory Friction and Cybersecurity

Current legislative reporting requirements on breaches create more problems than they solve We’re living in “interesting” times when it comes to the United States’ cybersecurity. There is a concentrated effort to rehabilitate, renovate, and bring security standards up to par in the nation. As you know, critical infrastructure attacks were driving factors for regulatory changes. …

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IT Relocation

Is your office switching buildings or moving into a new suite? Bytagig has you covered with full-service IT relocation services. We handle everything from breaking down your computers and hard drives to bringing everything back up and running at your new site. We plan out the new site layout, do the wiring, WiFi set up, …

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The Five Core Elements of Healthy Cybersecurity

A principled cybersecurity infrastructure comes in layers, much like any successful enterprise model. Each component gives an organization structural safety and versatility, emphasizing their importance. The key conditions to a proactive cybersecurity formation include: readiness operations, cyber ops and resilience, application security, cyber investigation/forensics/response, and cyber threat intelligence. We can dive into each to discuss …

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