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Managed IT Services San Diego: List Of Cyber Threats



The world is filled with so many black hat hackers, which is why Managed IT Services San Diego was developed. There has been a dramatic rise in cyber crimes around the globe, especially when the coronavirus hit the world. Due to the increase in cyber crimes, hundreds, even thousands of companies hire a third-party IT support provider in order to protect their networks, systems, and data from the cyberattacks of black hat hackers. And to understand the cyber risks better, it is essential to learn more about the most common cyber threats that companies have encountered over the years. Thankfully, there are information technology professionals who can defend your cybersecurity as they perform their roles in Managed IT Services San Diego. Let us go ahead and check the cyber threats present in the world.

Malware Attack

Black hat hackers are fond of using social engineering to deliver their malicious software to their target companies. And malware is one of the most dangerous cyber threats that your company must be cautious about. Malware cyberattacks include ransomware, trojan, viruses, bots, botnets, wiper malware, worms, spyware, file-less malware, and rootkits.

Social Engineering Cyberattacks

Social engineering is a type of manipulation performed by black hat hackers in order to trick the recipients into giving out the information that they seek. Once they have the data, they start attacking the cybersecurity and exploiting the company data. Social engineering includes phishing, spear phishing, malvertising, drive-by downloads, scareware security software, baiting, vishing, whaling, pretexting, scareware, diversion theft, honey trap, tailgating or piggybacking, and pharming.

Software Supply Chain Attacks

A software supply chain attack is a kind of cyberattack that focuses on the legit software, and the black hat hackers infuse the new update with malicious code that can deliver any type of malware to their target companies. That is why it is crucial to allow the team of information technology professionals in Managed IT Services San Diego to check all the software updates to ensure that the black hat hackers cannot insert their malicious software on your company computers.

DDoS Or Distributed Denial Of Service

One of the most common cyber threats is a distributed denial of service. This kind of cyberattack works by overloading the system with traffic, and the computer users cannot do their work because the computers are not functioning correctly due to the overwhelmed resources. In short, DDoS denies computer users access to their own devices. And most of the time, a distributed denial of service is often accompanied by other significant cyberattacks. The DDoS is usually a diversion by the black hat hackers to launch their primary cyberattack, such as ransomware. DDoS attacks are typically delivered through botnets, Smurf attacks, and TOP SYN flood attacks.

Password Attacks

Another cyber threat that your company must be aware of is a password attack. Black hat hackers have the tools and resources to crack passwords such as a brute force attack, dictionary attack, pass-the-has attack, and golden ticket attack. Once the cybercriminals gain access to the log-in credentials of the employees, your cybersecurity is at risk from a data breach. And so, it is imperative to hire the best IT team from a third-party IT support provider to perform Managed IT Services in San Diego. 

Cloud Security Threats

Hundreds of businesses in the country are using cloud infrastructure to keep their data safe and secure. And if you’re company is utilizing the cloud for your data storage, then you need to know that you’re facing a data breach threat. With knowledgeable black hat hackers, they can devise some clever plans and tactics to penetrate the cloud storage and steal, copy, or delete files for the purpose known only to the cyber criminals. 

APT Or Advanced Persistent Threats

APT happens when a group of black hat hackers are able to penetrate a network and were able to stay undetected for a long time. But with the existence of a third-party IT team that handles a Managed IT Services San Diego, APT can be detected and resolved. During this time, the black hat hackers can do everything they wish to do on the company data. APT is usually focused on larger companies, nation-states, corporations, and large targets. The existence of APT can be detected through signs such as new creation of accounts, abnormal activity, trojan horse malware, backdoor, abnormal activity on the database, and unusual files or data existence.

MitM or Man-in-the-Middle Attack

A MitM attack is all about the pretense of the black hat hackers as the middle man of the software, program, or application and the users. The computer users believe that they are communicating with the legit server, but in reality, they are exchanging information with the black hat hackers. MitM includes session hijacking, replay attacks, IP spoofing, eavesdropping attack, and Bluetooth attacks. It is a common cyber threat that often continues to happen without the users knowing the truth. However, with the guidance and expertise of the team of information technology professionals who are working on a Managed IT Services San Diego, the black hat hackers can be stopped with their cyber threat, and your company data stays safe and secure. 

Black Hat Hackers 

 Of course, the most incredible cyber threat of all is the black hat hackers themselves. These malicious code authors have the skills, talents, and abilities to create new codes and technologies that can hack even the most sophisticated cybersecurity. The black hat hackers devote all their time to perfecting their crafts. They know how to breach data security and then exploit the data for their own benefit. The cyber criminals earn tons of money from their cyberattacks, and they usually make a lot from the ransomware cyberattack, where the victims pay through cryptocurrency. Indeed, there are so many things that the black hat hackers can do, and they are not at all any good. And so you must hire the best information technology professionals to keep your cybersecurity safe from the cybercriminals through a Managed IT Services San Diego. 

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