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IT Support Portland Professionals Talk About Desktop Vs. Laptop

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IT Support Portland professionals always have access to computers, may they be a laptop or a desktop. Both types of computers have their value and necessity, and consumers sometimes have a hard time choosing which one is best for them. But of course, in this technological day and age, many individuals opt for a laptop because it is much more convenient and flexible. But before you make your final decision on what to buy, let us look at some facts about a desktop and a laptop and have a comparison of their specifications.
A laptop and a desktop computer vary in price, and most of the time, a laptop computer is more expensive compared to a desktop type. Let us look closely at the difference in cost and what makes it so.
Desktop computer
The components that make up the desktop computer are relatively inexpensive, and so the manufacturers of desktops can afford to sell them at a lower price compared to laptop computers. In fact, as an IT Support Portland professional, you know that a desktop set can cost $400 only, and you already have a full computer set up at home or in the office. And at that price, your computer system is already a great one.
Laptop computer
There is a considerable variety of options when it comes to the components or parts of a laptop, but they are mostly limited. Because of this, laptops are more expensive, and they can start at an average of $1500 per unit. With a more high-quality brand, the cost is even more so. And if you want higher specs, you would need to pay more.
One of the biggest differences between a desktop and a laptop computer is portability.
Desktop computer
The size of a desktop is quite bigger and bulkier compared to a laptop since it has a separate screen and a CPU. As an IT Support Portland professional, you would need to have a desk to place your desktop, and you cannot easily transfer it to another location. And so, when you opt for a desktop computer, you need to reconcile with the fact that you can use your device only when you stay at your desk.
Laptop computer
The compact feature of a laptop computer allows you to bring your device anywhere you go. And in your line of work as an IT, it is essential to have a laptop that you can carry to any client office or within your company’s premises. Indeed, if portability is your goal, then better opt for a laptop computer so you can take it anywhere you want to go, whether it is for work or personal use, and even both.
A laptop and a desktop also vary in the structure of their keyboard.
Desktop computer
Obviously, the desktop keyboard has no limitation as to the keys included on them. They have a fully functional keyboard that consists of every letter, number, special characters, and more. So when you use a desktop computer, your typing is much more convenient, especially when you do your work as an IT Support Portland professional.
Laptop computer
Because of the portability of a laptop, it has a smaller keyboard that often does not include a number pad. The space between the keys is narrow as well, which is intended to be so in order to have a small and portable device. But overall, the smaller keyboard of a laptop usually does not bother the users, especially if it is portability that they are after.
Usage of power
Another aspect where a desktop and a laptop differ in is the usage of power.
Desktop computer
A desktop computer relies on electricity in order to function. And so you need always to save your work because when the power goes out, everything you worked on as an IT Support Portland will be lost. Plus, a desktop takes on too much energy since it has many components and separate parts.
Laptop computer
With a laptop computer, you can use this device wherever you want, and you do not need to connect it to a power outlet when the battery has some juice left. And so when you work, you can be confident in not saving all the time, since you will know exactly when the battery will go out, so you have a warning.
There is a significant difference between the laptop and desktop in terms of functionality and access when it comes to gaming.
Desktop computer
If you are a gamer or a super dedicated IT who needs high-powered and extremely high-quality video cards, then a desktop computer is for you. A desktop is designed to handle loads of gaming and work needs of the users, and it does not easily break down. Additionally, a desktop can provide you with a much better experience and performance when you play online or offline games. And as for your work as an IT Support Portland professional, a desktop can take long-term abuse.
Laptop computer
The graphics capability of a laptop is greatly limited because of its compact size, and though, of course, a more expensive and high-end device can provide better graphics. A computer also has a confined space, so you cannot be fully satisfied in storing large games on the storage. Plus, when too much gaming is done, the laptop could crash if it does not have the capability to handle hours and hours of nonstop gaming.
Final say
It is normal to get confused about what to choose between a laptop and a desktop, but the simplest solution here is to buy both. You can place the desktop at your home or office and have a computer that you can bring anywhere. By purchasing both types of computers, you will never have to worry about everything that has been discussed in this post. As an IT Support Portland professional, you can enjoy all the specs.

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