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IT Support Portland Professionals: Tips To Take Care Of Laptops

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IT Support Portland professionals absolutely cannot live and function without their laptops. Hence, as someone new in the field of information technology, you need to learn how to take care of your work laptop properly. You need to understand that your computer is an extension of your life as an IT, so you cannot allow anything bad to happen to your device. Let us look into the things that you need to do in order to keep your laptop safe. Keep in mind that a damaged or compromised laptop can potentially cost you your job, so if you love the IT industry and the benefits that come with your profession, then you better take super good care of your work laptop, no matter what. And so here, we will list the tips that concern the caring of a laptop.

Stay away from liquids.
It is common practice to eat and drink something while working, which mostly entails that there is a laptop involved. However, this common occurrence violates the safety of an office or a home in that matter when it comes to protecting technological devices. That is why when you do your job as an IT Support Portland professional, it is best if you keep your work laptop away from any liquid or even food. You never know when you accidentally make a mess on your desk and damage your laptop with liquid spills or greasy food. So keep your work desk free from food and drinks. If you cannot survive without eating or drinking while working, especially on busy days when you have no time to get up and grab something to eat, then you need to have a separate table where you can put your food and drinks at but still have easy access to your laptop. Most especially, use spill-proof cups in your office when you take good care of your work laptop. Your job as an IT Support Portland professional is safer, in every sense of the word.

Work in a dust-free office
Dust is everywhere, though. Of course, there are many ways to get rid of them. Make sure that you work in a setting where dust is nowhere to be found, which means that your workspace needs constant cleaning. When the dust settles on your laptop, it can get inside the little nooks and crannies of your device. The more dust gets inside, the higher the risk of damage to your work laptop. So make it a point to always work in a place where there is little to zero dust. The dust-free environment is not only good for your work laptop but also great for your health.

Do not allow pets near your laptop.
You may be a pet lover, and you probably have cats and dogs or either at your home, but never allow them to get near your device. Of course, there are no pets in the IT Support Portland company offices, but the fact is you probably have to always take your work home with you. So when that happens, always protect your laptop by working in a closed-door room in your house where your beloved pets cannot get in. And when you are not working, place your work laptop in a safe place where no one can touch it, like a vault or a completely secured and locked drawer. If you leave your laptop unattended at home, your pets can ruin it by scratching the surfaces, destroying the screen, or damaging your keyboard. Worst, untrained pets can even pee on the laptop, which leads to the destruction of all your work files. So to avoid a major headache and scolding from your bosses, keep your pets far away from your work laptop as possible. Doing so can save your job as an IT Support Portland professional.

Prohibit children from using the laptop
Children are adorable, but no matter how cute or beautiful they are, never let them touch your work laptop. You have sensitive files in there, and even if they are heavily encrypted, you cannot take the risk of compromising your data just because you cannot say no to your precious children. Buy them their own laptop instead so that they will stay away from yours. Children have the tendency to damage things, so do not give them the opportunity to destroy your work laptop even in a small way. Protect your job by safeguarding your device, and keep your laptop hidden from your children when you are at home. And if your kids are not in the danger of ruining your work files or device, the peace at home continues. The tendency is, if your kids end up damaging your work laptop, they get grounded, and you end up angry, frustrated, and possibly out of a job. So make sure that your children cannot get their hands on your device, no matter how important they say the need is to sue your work laptop from the IT Support Portland company that you work for.

Please do not leave it in your car.
Even the most heavy-duty laptops cannot completely survive the heat and rising temperature inside a car that is left parked in the driveway or parking area. So avoid leaving your work laptop inside of your vehicle when you know that you will be gone for hours, especially if your car is parked under the heat of the sun. Plus, leaving your laptop inside the vehicle can tempt robbers and thieves, and they could smash your car window just to access your laptop. And when that happens, you could definitely lose your job since your device contains confidential information about your work, clients, and sensitive data. So for the safety of your career and the security of your clients and position of employment, bring your laptop with you when you get out of your car. Protect your job as an IT Support Portland professional by taking care of your work laptop well.

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