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IT Support Portland Professionals: Balancing Work & Love

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IT Support Portland professionals are often too busy with their careers, and they barely have time to spare for their love life. Though it is not proper for all ITs globally, this reality is sorely experienced by many technology geeks. But in this life, work cannot be the only thing that occupies a person’s world. You need balance in every aspect of your life, that is if you do want to be genuinely happy with your existence. And of course, if you can finally figure out how to balance your personal life and your work, your girlfriend will definitely be happier. And so, in this post, we will talk about the methods on how you can potentially improve your quality of life, bring so much joy to your lover, and reduce stress in your life. In a nutshell, by finding balance in your life, you are opening your doors to a healthier version of yourself, both emotionally and psychologically. 

Create a work schedule and stick to it

Your work as an IT Support Portland professional is vital since it puts put on your table, a home to take refuge in, finances to buy you what you want and need, and provide you comfort in life. But, you need to learn how to do your work on the time allocated, and leave the office when it is time to go. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being loving your work, but you need to draw the line somewhere. What you must do is create your work schedule and stick to your work hours no matter what. Finish what you need to work on during your working hours, and refrain from doing overtime. You barely have time to ask your girlfriend on a date, and if you are not careful, you may lose her to someone else who does care too much about her and spends a lot of time with her, like her close male friends. Once you have an exact schedule in the IT Support Portland company, you must follow your daily plan and start spending more time with your special someone. This way, you are fulfilled with your career, and at the same time, you are happy with your personal life.

Use your vacation leaves.

Every company in the world allots vacation time for their employees. As a workaholic, you may not have been utilizing the privilege to go on a trip for days since all you do is work. No wonder your girlfriend swears that you are married to your job. So before you regret anything in your life, you need to stop neglecting your loved one and start to get your priorities straight. Use the vacation leaves provided by your company and go on an adventure with the girl who has been so patient with your busy work schedule. It is high time that you reward her with a week or two times off from work. By doing kinds of stuff together without the disturbance of work, you can rekindle old sparks that slowly wilted as you kept on prioritizing your job as an IT Support Portland professional. A vacation can indeed create new memories to hold on to, and the trip can undoubtedly save your relationship. So stop worrying about work and let others do their job as well. Just keep in mind that regardless if you stay in the office or go out for an extended vacation, work will always be there. But your girlfriend may not be there anymore if you continue to love your career more than her. So start thinking about what truly makes you happy, and do everything you can to achieve a harmonious balance between your love life and career. 

Do not be “on call.”

Like surgeons, many ITs are also “on-call.” You may have loved this part of your job since you feel needed, and you are always happy to solve any technical and technological problem, but this status is not doing any favors for your love life. As an IT Support Portland professional, you may have a hard time already remembering how many date nights were canceled because you received a call and needed to go and fix whatever the problem is at work or at your client’s office or residence. So this time, in order to establish a sure balance in your life, you must take off your name from the “on-call” list. Start spending quality time with your girlfriend without her panicking whenever your phone rings. Give yourself a break, and allow your relationship to blossom by leaving work on the dot and focusing on your personal life after you get off the office. 

Never bring your work home.

It is not only you, but hundreds of ITs all over the world do bring home their work with them, which is actually a massive disappointment for the families and special someones of the IT Support Portland professionals. Stop being such a workaholic and never bring home any paperwork or digital work with you. Make time for yourself and for your lover. Finish everything you need to do for the day and go home, relax, and cuddle with your girlfriend. If you still have the necessary work to be done, then you can do it the next day. By focusing on your relationship once you are home, your love life is becoming happier, and you can feel all the stress of the day drain from your system. So never underestimate the power of love and a loving heart. Your girlfriend has the capability to kiss away your worries and make you forget about bad days and move on. But if there are really times when you cannot help but bring work home, make sure that you will not take too much of your time as a workaholic IT Support Portland. Balance your time and be happy always.

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