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IT Support Portland How to Balance Between Job and Love Life

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The life of IT support Portland professionals is not easy, especially when we talk about love life. ITs are known to be introverts who keeps to themselves and do not always go out to have fun. And if you are one of those IT support specialists who do not have a social life, then you can definitely count yourself lucky since you finally found yourself a girlfriend. The path to having a love life is not easy but you finally achieved your goal to have a great job in the IT industry, and have your own girlfriend. But the problem is, she does not have an IT background and her world is different from yours. And basing on your personal experience, it is quite hard to keep a relationship going when you are always busy working and giving your all to the IT support Portland company that you work for. And since you love your job, you will do everything to keep it. But you also want your personal relationship to bloom, so you are working hard to make it last. And so to help you face your dilemma and find solutions to keeping both your job and your girlfriend, in this post we will discuss how you can create a balance in your life.

Be open to your girlfriend about your job

Your girlfriend is a professional in a different field, and so it follows that she is smart. Trust in her ability to understand and tell her the good and the bad about your job. Be open to her about everything, especially the late nights at the office, and why you cannot immediately answer or return her calls while you are on the job. Explain to her the hours and the focus you need to give to be better at your work as an IT support Portland professional. Once she understand where you are coming from, then she will surely get the whole picture and can set her own expectations. She can understand later on if she is not able to contact you, or why you would need to cancel a date because you cannot leave your work due to the cyber attack that you are preventing from breaching your client’s network and system. Indeed, open communication is vastly important in a relationship. By letting your new girl understand your work, you get to continue being great at your job, and keep your relationship intact at the same time.

No work during rest days

If you are used to working during rest days, then you should consider breaking that habit. You were always in the office before because you have no girlfriend to spend your weekends with. Now that you have someone special in your life, let your boss know that you will not come in during rest days anymore. Schedule your rest days to be spent with your girlfriend, and do not answer unnecessary calls when you with her. When you are out of the office, cease to exist as an IT support Portland professional, and focus on being a great boyfriend to your girl.

Go out on a date some nights during work days

Girls love to be taken on dinner dates, so make some time to invite her to dinner on work days, at least once a week. Always be romantic, and bring her lowers, though you may think it is too corny or traditional. Girls love flowers and chocolates, and they do not think that it’s corny. Be an attentive boyfriend, and you should watch movies as well, regardless if it is in your home or hers, or in the cinema. By going on dates on work nights, you are creating a balance between your relationship and work.

Call her during lunch breaks

Make your girlfriend feel special by taking a few minutes during lunch time call her or text her. By letting her know that you are thinking of her, you are making her feel important, especially when she know how busy your days are at work in the IT support Portland company. But of course, you need to ask her if she is allowed to receive phone calls while at work. Remember that you are working for different industries, and the rules vary. But the point here is to ensure that you balance out your work and personal life by focusing on work during work times, and paying attention to your love life during lunch time.

Leave work at the office

Sharing about how your day goes is perfect for lovers, but sometimes it is better to leave your work in the office and not bring it when you get home. If you live with your girlfriend, it is best not to work at home and leave her to herself. Though your technically both at home, you need to communicate to each other and talk about your day. However, remember not to bore your girlfriend with stuffs about IT support Portland, since not all girls are techy. Besides, you both should focus on your personal lives, and just put in a little mix of work related discussions, just enough to satisfy your curiosity about each other’s work.

Bring her to office parties

The best way to introduce your girlfriend to your work life is to bring her as plus one to your company parties and gatherings. This will give a chance to get to know your colleagues, and see where you work, if the event is held in your office. Plus, bringing her to meet your fellow ITs is a strong indication that you are serious with your relationship.

Final say

No relationship is easy, and it takes a lot of hard work to succeed. You need to create a balance in your life so can be contented and happy as a dedicated boyfriend, and great IT support Portland professional at the same time. There’s no need to choose.

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