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IT Support Portland Professionals and Effects Of Cyber Crimes

IT Support Portland Professionals are highly skilled in strengthening the cyber security of companies. They are the experts who know what the effects of cyber crimes are to the industry, businesses, organizations, society, and people in general. In a nutshell, cyber crime is a digital act that is criminal in nature that involves networks, systems, and computers. Cyber crimes come in various ways, such as spamming, hacking, ransomware, phishing, and all other methods to conduct a cyber attack using the world wide web or the internet. And the fact is, cyber crime is growing in numbers nowadays due to the rapid rise of new gadgets, programs, and technology in general. The more companies and individuals use technology, the more risks the world faces when it comes to cyber attacks from black hat hackers. That is why it is absolutely crucial to hire the most competent IT Support Portland professionals to take care of the management of your cyber security. And in this post, we will talk about the devastating effects of cyber crimes on different areas.

Examples of cyber crimes

Cyber crimes come in different forms. The most popular ones are identity theft, stealing of banking information, unauthorized access to computers and other devices, virtual predatory crimes, cyber terrorism, theft of financial nature, infection of computer viruses, and many more. Generally, cyber crimes are anything bad or destructive in any way that is done through the World Wide Web, no matter how small the act is. The worst part is, it does not matter where the black hat hackers are. They could be halfway around the globe and still cause havoc to a network, system, data, or devices from the other part of the world. After all, that is how the technology works. And without the expert management of IT Support Portland professionals, no company can survive the extremely skilled cyber attacks of black hat hackers. 

Effects of cyber attacks and cyber crimes

Like any other types of attacks and crimes in the world, cyber crime leaves a mark on the lives of people, company reputations, and the financial aspect of businesses. Let us look at the major impacts of cyber attacks, so you can understand better what is the cost of being lenient with cyber security, or the lack thereof. You need to understand that even a single cyber attack can cause huge damages that cannot be repaired. 

Monetary losses

Black hat hackers are doing what they do best in order to earn loads of money from cyber crimes. And so it follows that when cyber criminals successfully attack your company, the greatest loss your business will experience is in the financial aspect. Regardless of the kind of cyber attack launched to your network, system, data storage, or devices, the end result is always the loss of money. After all, black hat hackers are after monetary gains and not for anything else. And so when you have the most reliable IT Support Portland professionals by your side, you can be sure that your earnings from your products and services stay safe from cyber criminals. So your business continues to grow without risking the loss of money.

Loss of security

It is vastly important to take care of the security of your business in terms of the virtual aspect. When cyber criminals are able to go through your networks and systems, you will lose the power of security in your company. Your data and devices will become playing cards for black hat hackers, and you cannot win over their attacks if you have no protection and security from the cyber criminals. And so to prevent the loss of security in your company, get the professional help of IT Support Portland professionals. That is the only way that you can keep the integrity of your cyber security and maintain the safety of your documents, files, and all types of data that can be used against your company.


Cyber criminals are everywhere, and they are attacking all kinds of businesses, regardless of the industry. And one of the majorly affected industries with cyber attacks is the entertainment industry. Piracy does exist, and no matter how much time and effort that the authorities exert to stop hackers from committing piracy. Black hat hackers always hack new movies, tv-series, music, and everything else that comes from the entertainment industry. The theft of digital products causes millions, if not billions, of financial losses, not to mention the stress that musicians, actors, actresses, directors, producers, and everyone involved in the production of film and music go through due to the piracy problem. When piracy is made, the revenue of the presentations is greatly reduced since people do love to patronize piracy compared to the real thing. Fans idolize the brilliant stars, but most are not willing to pay a lot of money to enjoy films or music. And so they download pirated videos and audio and admire their favorite stars from there, without truly supporting them in ways that really matter. And for years, IT Support Portland professionals have been trying to stop the piracy, but many still get away with it because not all affected are taking a stand against cyber crimes.

Social effects

Black hat hackers are not only targeting corporations, organizations, or companies. They are also after individuals who are active in social media and constantly use devices or technology. If you love technology and have money to spend, then you are at risk of a cyber attack since hackers can gain access to your devices if you are not careful. Your personal data can be exploited, especially if you have shady videos or messages that will surely ruin your reputation if they come out. So be cautious, and hire a reliable IT expert to handle your personal cyber security. This is especially true if you are part of a company that is at risk. An IT support Portland Professional is what you need.

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