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Cyber Security Portland | How to Protect your business

You should and always protect your business, give the sufficient attention and investment to make your business a success. Especially nowadays that cyber crimes and attacks have been considered one of the most frequent crimes that is commuted, and can affect many people, organizations and businesses. And you will never know, because anyone can be a victim, especially if you do not have the specific knowledge to avoid this crime and secure your business. Cyber Security Portland can help you in this area, especially nowadays, cyber crimes and attacks are not limited to large businesses and organizations, but even small business can be a victim. And since we know that you cannot usually afford to hire your own IT department because of your limited budget and capital, Cyber Security Portland will help you secure your business and can even serve as your own IT department even though you are not in the same office.

            Known facts is that whatever cyber security problem that is experienced by large business is also experienced by small businesses, they attack and threat anyone, and without consideration to the size of your business. Also, more than half of the businesses around the world have been affected by cyber attacks and threats. And around half of these businesses and no idea how to protect themselves from these attacks. That is what’s alarming, we are being threatened greatly and here we are, we do not have any idea about it, which is saddening. We are all at risk, whatever size of business we have.

            So, how do we protect ourselves and where should we protect ourselves from? Cyber Security Portland enumerates the common cyber threats and how they can damage us and our business and the ways to avoid these.

  1. Phishing. According to Cyber Security Portland, phishing is when you will receive an email from your bank and they will ask you to log-in your account using the link that they will provide. Very sneaky isn’t it? Their email will look very legit and with one look, you will be fooled. But what you would not notice is that their email address is different and that the link they will provide is not the same link that you usually use when you log-in to your account. So, once you provide your account, they will have access to it, they will be able to retrieve your email or username and your password. Be sure to inform your business’ accounting department, because, they can be the target of this crimes, since the hackers and criminals know that the employees in this department knows your accounts. Always remind them that before they click anything, especially from an email, they should check the email address of the server, if it is true or not, the bank should have indicated in their website the email that they use when contacting theirs customers, thus, they can check it. Also, remind all your employees not to download anything, especially if the attachments they will download are not familiar and are unknown to you and your employees. Also, make sure that you use a secure connection especially when you are visiting sensitive websites, like your banks and other financial institutions that you use.
  2. Ransomware. Cyber Security Portland emphasizes that this kind of threat are very dangerous. What the hackers or cyber criminals do is that they will email you, being them an unfamiliar source and will ask you to download something saying that what they have attached is something very important. And what you have downloaded is a malware called ransomware, it is a program that when you download it and activate it, you will be prevented to use any files and application in your computer or even your business system. And since it is called ransomware, they will ask you for a ransom, usually a large amount of money for you to retrieve your files, your applications and your programs. If you are a business and you have been a victim of this, what will happen is that you will be forced to stop your operations because your hackers are holding you at the neck, and If you can’t pay up, you will probably need to start over again. So, in this case, you should have a response plan to answer what will you do when you encounter something like this, so you don’t have to require yourself to full stop your operations in your business. You should not always be that confident in your every day operations that they are moving smoothly, you can be a victim of this and you will not even have an idea that you will. You should also have a back-up file, stored somewhere away from your servers and computers in the office that is updated regularly.
  3. 3. Cloud-based Breach. The problem with this breach is that sometimes your employees keep their accounts and passwords written in a piece of paper, but the problem is that this can be accessed and seen by others, so what you should do is help them keep their passwords and accounts using a manager. Clouds have been a target of this hacker and cyber criminals according to Cyber Security Portland, because it is in the internet, and just having the accounts you will be able to get all access on everything, especially if your files are not properly secured. Also, you should have your passwords strong, weak passwords were easily determined by hackers and cyber criminals. So, you should have a password combination that’s composed of characters that has numbers, low case letters and upper-case letters according to Cyber Security Portland.

So, what you need is Cyber Security Portland. There are all kinds of threats and crimes that awaits to target your business of whatever size. So, you need a reliable cyber security to protect your business from this all sorts of threats and possible attacks. Our priority is that we must protect our business and our resources to be able to serve.

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