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IT Support Portland Companies Offer Typical Products & Services

IT Support Portland

IT Support Portland companies are important to provide products and services to a wide range of clients in the country, even for the whole world. The diversity of the offered jobs of IT service companies varies depending on their target clients’ needs. And so, to find out if they have what you need to keep your business running smoothly, you should look into the different products and services that you can take advantage of. 

1. IT support or tech support, or in the more common term, help desk

Back in the day, IT support typically come to the offices personally and fix computer problems and all other office devices like printers. That was when technology was not so advanced, yet when computers were just starting to invade offices all over the world. But now, with the innovation of technology, professional IT support teams no longer need to come to the offices to fix things, unless, of course, if it is absolutely necessary. IT Support Portland professionals are now using remote access to provide technical resolution to computer issues. With the use of Wi-Fi technology, even IT support from the other part of the globe can fix your computer bugs, viruses, and other common computer problems. And this kind of IT service is called “help desk.” The ITs working on this job usually use remote access to fix the issues, or they can give instructions to the people in the office. After all, anyone can follow instructions in terms of technology, especially when it involves computers. 

2. Email

No business can truly thrive in any industry without using email as the primary means of communication. And so you are probably using email to communicate with your employees, management team, clients, and customers. Therefore, you are using the cloud, and company secrets are exposed on the web. That is why you need an IT Support Portland company to help you encrypt all your messages in order to protect your sensitive data against black hat hackers. You need to keep in mind that malware and viruses often are sent through email, so you need the expertise of professionals in the IT industry to secure your email, as well as all the work emails in your company.

3. File servers and cloud storage

In the old days, offices are keeping their files and documents inside office cabinets, and that furniture actually crowds the space and leaves little room for the actual people working in the offices. However, in this technological age, those huge file cabinets are gone, so offices are airier and more convenient to work in. In place of the bulky drawers are file servers that are equipment used to store the files and documents digitally for easy access. And aside from physical servers, the trend today is the use of cloud storage, which basically does not need any physical space since everything is on the cloud. So for the safety and security of your files and documents, you must hire a reliable IT Support Portland company to handle your transition to the cloud and maintain the safety and security of your cloud.

4. Data security

Black hat hackers are always on the lookout for any vulnerability or weakness in a network, system, or data storage. That is primarily why data security is of the utmost importance in every business. One of the biggest threats in any office is ransomware, which is happening a lot in the world. Ransomware is about your computers being controlled by cybercriminals, where you lost all access unless you pay a hefty sum. And so, it is imperative that you know how to protect your company against a possible data security breach. And the first thing you can do is talk to your chosen IT Support Portland company regarding two-factor validation, backups on data, access rights for every user, encryption of data, secure file sharing, and strict rules about sharing information. 

You need to understand that ransomware gets into your computers for a couple of reasons:

l One of your employees may have received a file that contains ransomware and opened it without realizing what it was. And then, the malware went on and locked your computers, and the only way to retrieve your files is to pay the ransom. 

l It could also be that the backups of your company data are not functioning well, and so black hat hackers can easily take control of your devices and get your files on lockdown. 

And so, you need to prioritize your data security since it is the most basic requirement and a form of insurance for any company, regardless of the purpose or size. 

Virtual desktop

In the modern world of technology, a virtual desktop is a normal occurrence that is absolutely convenient for any business person. Whenever you need to go home and still have work to do at the office, you can easily access your work computer while in the comforts of your home. And to make this connection safe, there is a need to consult the brilliance and expertise of an IT Support Portland company. With the superior efficiency of the IT support team, it would be hard for the cybercriminals to penetrate your network and system, and by remotely accessing your office device, you are sure that you are using a secure transmission that has lower risks of getting hacked. 

Network equipment

Sometimes, black hat hackers are able to successfully do their thing because of the loose or low-quality equipment for your whole network. That is, it is crucial to choose a network provider that is highly regarded in the IT industry for their excellent quality devices and superior customer support. With trustworthy network equipment, you can be assured that the internet will flow in smoothly without the risk of producing vulnerabilities that give access to black hat hackers into your network. And so hire the best IT Support Portland company to handle the security and superiority of devices.

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