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Network Monitoring by Portland IT Services

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Network monitoring is an essential factor in any business that uses technology to efficiently run their operation through technology in all its forms, and it is better handled by a trustworthy Portland IT services company. It is the optimization of a system that frequently observes and tracks a certain computer network in terms of failures or slow speed in the functionalities of its components, and informs the administrator of the network regarding this issue through alarming SMS, email, or other forms of alarm in times when system outages happens, or other problems with the network. In fact, network monitoring is actually a section of network management.

Information about network monitoring

A program called intrusion detection system is installed in a company network in order to track and see if there are potential threats of cyber attack that comes from the outside of the network, which absolutely great for your business. However, that system is not enough to protect your network security. There needs to be a network monitoring system that is managed by your reliable  Portland IT services, where they monitor any technical issue that is brought forth by crashed servers, overloads in the system, errors in network connections, or other technical problems with your company devices. By having a system in your company that monitors any network failure or technical problem, your network can prevent further chaos in your system. Your IT support can create measures to keep your network safe and functioning properly.

Monitoring of internet server

It is vastly important to monitor your internet server in order to know exactly when your server is down and there is a downtime in your system which affects your whole network and cripples your company website. Your Portland IT services company can process internet server monitoring that includes the thorough checking of CPU usage, network performance, memory usage, desk space, and application monitoring that encompasses tracking the performances of various programs like Nginx, Apache HTTP server, Postgres, MySQL, and many more application programs. Also, monitoring of the internet server has two forms. One is the internal server monitoring, where a web server software monitors the network and provide notification to the IT management regarding failure of company devices to function. This process allows you to find out if there are computers, servers, and other hardware that needs immediate fixing. Second form of internet server observation is the external wen server monitoring This second process tracks down the frequencies of network within a particular network frequency, and reports to the technical administration if something awry is going on with the network. And if there is any problem that needs technical resolution, then the Portland IT services team will handle them for your company.

Out of the two internet server monitoring processes, the most reliable is the external monitoring option. That is primarily because this process continues to do its job even when your whole server is totally not functioning well. That is exactly why you need a reliable tool for monitoring your server in order to guarantee that there will always be a system that works tirelessly for your network even the server is down.

Worldwide servers                                                                                              

Typically, one service for network monitoring has various servers spread all over the globe. It is quite beneficial to have different servers in varying locations in order to ensure that if one server is down, there are still others that can continue their network monitoring for your business. And so you need to hire a network monitoring IT service that has plenty of servers across the globe. It is highly important to ask the aid of the most reliable and dedicated Portland IT services company to make this happen for you. Always remember that you must never allow just any system to connect with your network, and have your IT support team to validate security at every turn. Hackers are just waiting in the dark to find the slightest vulnerability in your network so they can attack and destroy your network. So keep your business safe and secure through your highly skilled IT support team.

Web server monitoring

You should invest in a web server monitoring service from a reliable source in order to add more security for your network. This process alerts you and your Portland IT services company of possible threats from any number of factors. This external web monitoring process analysis the valid HTTP return codes and informs you if there are any anomalies that needs to be addresses immediately. But of course, you need to be able to trust the service that it comes from, since there are web monitoring services out there that are not legit, and they are set up by cyber criminals who uses any excuse just to gain entry into your network. And so if your business involves high production of products or services, or if you are involved with scientific labs, medical organizations, government affiliations and other major industries, then you absolutely need to be very careful with the services that you will allow to access your network.


Regardless of the size of your business, you need network monitoring in order to check every aspect of your network components like your servers, firewalls, switches, VMs, routers, and more. This type of monitoring service allows you to find out real time of there is any problem with your network that needs to be fixed immediately by your Portland IT services team. By having this type of service, you can act immediately in finding the necessary resolution and avoid making matters worst. You need to be cautious in your decision in choosing the best monitoring service in the world, since the safety and security of your network depends on it. Make sure that you do your research carefully, even the service comes highly recommended by another company that you trust. It is always better to be on the safe side than regret you decisions later on when disasters start happening.

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