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ZenDesk Suffers Massive Data Breach


Major Support Company Platform Suffers Cybersecurity Setback


ZenDesk is one of the most trusted business platforms for IT help and assistance. Still, the organization recently learned of a significant data breach affecting at least 10,000 clients. This breach was discovered on 24 September 2019. Unfortunately, this intrusion has been reported to have existed since 2016.

ZenDesk has maintained that no passwords or personal data have been used even after the breach was discovered. If true, this is good news for clients.

The data that would’ve been accessed is as follows:

  • Agent phone numbers, emails, and names 
  • Additionally, some users had similar information potentially compromised
  • Passwords, although no reported loss of passcodes has occurred

ZenDesk has discovered no intrusions regarding support tickets or the above information, so the damage length is minimal. 

According to ZenDesk, some support accounts were accessed in some capacity. An estimated 700 customer accounts were affected regarding:

  • Encryption in the Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  • App configuration settings for the ZenDesk app or its marketplace apps, along with keys for purchasing apps

Anyone targeted should have received an email at the time of discovery. Additionally, for those who have reached out, ZenDesk has encouraged contacting them at [email protected]. This continues the trend of hackers and malicious third parties increasingly targeting chat services and software platforms. 

This is just another target in a long list of potentially vulnerable platforms. Hackers use increasingly aggressive tactics to achieve their end goals, regardless of business size. This is primarily because ransomware is an exceptionally effective method of reaping the rewards with little cost to the perpetrators and is a problematic malware type to combat.

ZenDesk is another warning sign that all companies must remain vigilant for the latest cyber threat. To learn more, you can contact us at Bytagig. 

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