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Use These Steps if You’re Still Using Zoom

Zoom is a communication platform used by millions of people, ranging from businesses to classrooms. Unfortunately, over the past few weeks, it’s come under assault from a variety of harassment methods and cybersecurity attacks. It’s recommended to quickly switch to other platforms like Slack, but if you still want to use Zoom, the FBI has a set of security tips to keep your meetings safe.

Attacks on Zoom meetings are referred to as “zoom bombing,” and without getting too detailed, let’s just say it’s an obnoxious, problematic issue. Just as well, it’s also capable of compromising secure information, so you don’t want it to happen.

Fortunately, securing Zoom meetings with these steps isn’t difficult, and can be utilized right away. Those security steps are:

  • Set up a password for your Zoom meetings for either guest rooms or when entry is required into the meeting room (make sure those passwords are one time only, hard to guess, and not widely available)
  • Work only with vendors that have robust security options built into their offering, like encryption
  • Make sure all communication software and programs are up to date on each relevant device used for meetings

Be aware that threat actors are exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic to enhance their attacks, so the frequency and rate of zoom bombings has risen.

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