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Thoughts on the future and 2021

What’s ahead in 2021

Putting the cap on 2020 is easier said than done. A tumultuous year indeed, 2020 has seen global challenges, many of which affect the IT and cyber industry. As the coronavirus pandemic exploded in cases, companies of all sizes and types were faced with a harrowing situation: adapt or perish.

Not all of them could. In light of said pandemic, adopting remote solutions was the only option. Though, not every company and business model could do such a thing. For those with the option of adopting remote infrastructure, the struggle wasn’t over. This is just one of many stories plaguing Americans and citizens across the world. 

Cyber attacks aren’t taking a vacation either, with SolarWinds seeing an enormous hack affecting multiple parties like Intel.

With instances such as the above, what’s in store for 2021? There’s no way to tell, but we have some thoughts and potential predictions for the coming year.

Remote working options are here to stay

COVID-19 impacted our lives in ways we never thought, for various reasons. From underplaying its infection rate to sluggish responses, the Coronavirus has forced a change in our behavior to keep ourselves and others safe. 

That need for safety also extended to business networks. As we’ve talked about, companies adopted remote working solutions to maintain normal workflows. With so much infrastructure pushed to remote options, is there any going back?

Obviously, yes, but there’s a twofold effect we predict: enough resources have been spent in remote solutions that moving back to traditional means is impractical. Also, businesses are exposed to the flexibility of remote options and choose to maintain them as is. Therefore, remote options are here to stay.

Need for cybersecurity literacy will grow

With remote options also came enormous cybersecurity risks. From at-home education to business environments, the need for improved literacy is clear. It’s not enough to have established cybersecurity suites, understanding how best to identify phishing threats and malware scams is also important. With remote solutions heavily relied upon, everyone will need to improve their online security competency.

More Automation

Automation will rise with services, especially in the IT environment. As data dumps increase, the need for digestible reports will also grow, and therefore, automated services are an example of factoring that data into usable executables.

Got your own predictions for 2021? Let us know!

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