These fatal IT flaws are keeping your business from success

Critical issues which can impact your enterprise

Flaws and weaknesses in an IT network and cybersecurity system are costly. Breaches can equate to thousands upon millions in damages. Hackers go for any network that’s a viable target, no matter the size. But the reason for their breaches are often simple ones, and it’s those simple reasons holding back your organization.

If you’re dealing with constant issues, take a second look at some critical flaws.

Critical Problem #1: You don’t have MFA set up

Two-factor and multi-factor authentication is a simple, free way to immediately improve defense around your business network. This is especially true with the rise of remote environments. MFA essentially requires additional login to a network, app, or device. This is accomplished with a regular login, and a security token which is typically sent to a user’s mobile device.

So if not already, get this integrated into your network infrastructure ASAP.

Critical Problem #2: There is no Backup Recovery Plan

Even with the best intentions and resources, disaster can strike. That’s why leveraging a BDR is crucial for the modern enterprise. A BDR can include a range of things, from a plan of action in a post-disaster environment to measures which transfer and protect data.

And it’s not because of ransomware you need one, either. So much of today’s modern infrastructure is built with data and technology reliance. Downtime from IT issues, natural disasters, and cyber attacks can compromise this information. Your enterprise should, in some capacity, have backup options in place.

Critical Problem #3: Remote Working Limitations

You want to have a robust remote infrastructure. Easier said than done, of course. But trends show remote work and/or hybrid environments with remote options are here to stay, so it makes sense to have them in place. However, even if you do, you need to have the tools and resources available for your remote force to be as effective as possible.

That includes software suites, security options, and project management tools. The more limited your remote options are, the slower your business will be.

Critical Problem #4: Outdated Legacy Infrastructure

Making the shift to new infrastructure is hard, but these days, is necessary. Shifting to a proper OS, app, and software suite allows you to keep everything secure and running smoothly. Today, providers also recognize the need to create simple transitions with easy-to-understand tech platforms, whether that’s a professional application like Office or new piece of hardware.

Critical Problem #5: Lack of Mobile Infrastructure

Part of staying afloat, competitive, and safe in today’s modern digital environment relies more on mobile technology than ever before. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops see lots of use, and websites are typically accessed from a smartphone.

Your work environments then, should, reflect that. Without a strong mobile outreach, you miss out on versatile infrastructure, meaning the ability to set up work environments quickly. It also cuts into team communication and project speed. Mobile tech also helps against ransomware threats, provided your mobile tech is secure.

In today’s age, you can’t be too careful. And while there are many other issues that plague businesses today, these fatal five flaws can bring down even the best of them.

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