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Prep Your Business Website for Chrome’s Mixed Content Block

Several Future Chrome Updates Will Change Mixed Media Content

In an effort to improve security for web users, Chrome is working on a future update for their software that will target and block “mixed content.” There will be several updates rolled out over several periods, all with the intent to block mixed content on an automated level. 

What kind of mixed content? Pages are approved by Chrome using HTTPS, a more secure, encrypted web format. However, content within an HTTPS page that is non-compliant will either be upgraded or blocked entirely. For some of the initial updates, it’s reported Chrome will allow manual unblocking of content if it breaks website performance. This is expected to go live in December 2019.

The changes

However, in January 2020, mixed audio and webpage content will either be upgraded to HTTPS formats or again, blocked by Chrome’s new automated filters. The goal is to encourage website administrators to secure their multimedia content for safer browsing. Websites not following the procedure will be marked as “unsafe” by search engines.

It’s important for web developers and businesses to get ahead of the game by preparing their web material for the changes. Currently, there are two methods to avoid issues with content warnings or similar with mixed media present:

By February 2020, it’s expected all media (image) content will receive upgrades to HTTPS, while formats not complying with the change will be blocked. Your business should make sure its content will be ready for the change so as not to experience any major service disruption. 

The mixed content block is designed to further improve website and browsing security. Keep an eye for the changes and continuing updates to the Chrome platform to better prepare your business website.

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