Is Zoom right for you?

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Zoom has been in use for a few years, even before the COVID pandemic brought it into mainstream attention. Since then, it’s been a centerpiece for online meetings, utilized in a variety of situations. Business, tutoring, and even school sessions have been carried out through Zoom. However, that wasn’t without complications, namely security. With rapid and early adoption, many connections weren’t secure and malicious actors found it easy to hijack data.

Zoom and users, though, have made respective strides then and tightened up security, connection integrity, and even added encryption features into the app. It’s a powerful, accessible tool, but is it right for you?

What Zoom offers

Meeting tools and platforms like Zoom emphasize quick set up and connection. Anyone with the software, account, or link can create a Zoom meeting for multiple people. SMBs and companies rely on this for project communications, especially in the case of remote working. Because recipients only need a link to a Zoom meeting, that means getting started with a video call is quite easy. Furthermore, Zoom is a free platform on a Basic plan, which is more than enough for simple calls. So, there’s no need for heavy financial investment to use it.

Is Zoom right for me?

Regardless of Zoom’s abilities, there’s no guarantee it’s right for you. It all depends on the need of an individual, group, network, or business. Figuring that out is a simple matter of examining your needs for a meeting and calls.

Zoom fits all sorts of roles, as we’ve discussed, and it has different plans. So depending on what you’re looking for, a corresponding plan will fit that role.

Consider these:

  • You’re an SMB or company using remote working operations and perform routine meetings
  • You need to conference call several times a week with multiple recipients
  • You have multiple participants in a meeting
  • You need more or less than 40 minutes for remote meetings

If those apply to you, then Zoom is a potentially good fit.

When isn’t Zoom a good pick for me?

Though it has robust features, Zoom isn’t always right for individuals or companies. Here are some reasons to take alternatives into account.

  • You don’t use voice calls much, less than two times a week (or fewer)
  • Project details for company work is discussed in person
  • Conference calls are with limited groups and are not a frequent occurrence
  • You have alternatives to use or rely on other business infrastructure for meetings

Zoom is flexible, but it’s important that it’s a right pick for any model. Mostly, it’s down to security, expected use, and size of conference calls. For instance, larger enterprises will have their own rulesets and internal requirements which platforms like Zoom may not fit in. Or, they have different size needs or built-in parameters for internal meetings.

Is Zoom safe?

Zoom offers encryption settings for administrators and users to discuss topic sensitive material. However, any normal security concern should be practiced, and all participants should be running the latest Zoom versions. The short answer though is yes, if precautions are taken (as you would with any communication platform) Zoom is a safe app to use.

For more information on Zoom and other concerns, you can reach out to Bytagig today.

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