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How Ravenous Ransomware is Getting Worse

Ransomware Attacks Raise the Risk

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Ransomware is a nasty form of malware plaguing the modern cyber world. It targets essential information of businesses, agencies, and industries, encrypting it and holding the data hostage until its target pays up. Third-parties don’t care who is affected, only the value of data. It’s a nasty ploy, and it’s only getting worse.

Malicious third-parties are stepping up their efforts to increase the likelihood targets will give in to their demands. Not only is targeted info encrypted, but attackers are now threatening to publish stolen data, regardless of its source.

This includes government agencies and services. It was recorded in 2019 that at least 948 agencies were affected by a form of a ransomware attack, a massive chunk related to healthcare industries. At least 759 healthcare-related services were affected, along with educational facilities and federal services. Medical records were damaged or permanently lost, resulting in serious patient service problems.

That’s right, ransomware can affect people beyond the screen, actively interfering with the healthcare process. Of course, there are massive privacy issues too, since ransomware attackers threaten to release info.

Those are public industries, but what about federal ones? Imagine government data not only stolen but publicized. The idea is to pressure agencies even more to pay the desired ransom, and this elevates ransomware from a critical security risk to an emergency one. 

The methods to increase the threat crisis are likely in response to cities signing resolutions to not pay further ransoms. Much like how cybersecurity works, when a threat is countered, a new method of attack is discovered or altered.

Combatting this growing problem of ransomware is challenging but not impossible. Make sure your business is adopting the latest policies for good cybersecurity. Set up layered networks and limit access to sensitive accounts and data. Additionally, invest in network monitoring to keep track of potential intruders.

You can also invest in MSP services such as with Bytagig to help protect and backup your data. For more information, contact us today.

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