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How an MSP Can Help Your Business Become a Digital Leader

It’s Time To Move Beyond Legacy

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Your business runs on technology no doubt, but there’s an important distinction between legacy and modern hardware. Are you still operating with fax or held back by space limitations for project management? Are current installations no longer performing up to capacity? These are telltale signs it’s time for some upgrades. But, unfortunately, IT upgrades and advances in infrastructure are a capital investment, and not every company has the resources to spare.

Naturally, this is where an MSP (managed service provider) steps in. The goal of MSP is to provide infrastructure and IT resources where your organization is lacking. But it’s more than that, a provider can help your business become a digital leader. If your business relies on technology in any capacity to accomplish business-oriented tasks, an MSP is there to help.

Renovating Infrastructure

An MSP serves many purposes, like monitoring the health of your network, hardware, software, and services. But, part of this service is identifying technology that’s no longer useful, or “legacy infrastructure.”

Legacy is common with older businesses because they typically build their service model on a type of reliable software or hardware setup. For instance, there are hospitals in which still using Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system, an OS over a decade old. That’s to say nothing of industries relying on legacy software in some capacity.

In this scenario, an MSP has a clear goal: to renovate this infrastructure. Not only does this help modernize the business, but it also helps the organization gain a competitive edge in a world driven by data trends and digital revolutions. This involves various tasks like exchanging established hardware and software for newer, more reliable versions. For example, replacing an old, inefficient landline driven customer support wing with VoIP (voice over internet protocol) installations

Why It’s Important to Move Beyond Legacy Systems

We’ve shifted away from the point of “static” technology. Change comes rapidly, occurring daily. Therefore, the longer a business relies on legacy, the worse off it is. An MSP helps with this because the provider isn’t static, growing and evolving with the latest IT trends to combat cybersecurity threats or other problems.

Legacy infrastructure also poses a variety of challenges:

  • Legacy systems are costly because it takes longer to manage, update, and replace material related to them
  • Older software and hardware versions are harder to manage and interact with
  • There are serious compatibility issues with legacy systems and modern IT utilities
  • Consumers, clients, and customers move beyond legacy and adapt to the latest technology trends
  • It presents enormous risks to the business as legacy systems lack the same standards of modern cybersecurity

That’s nothing to say about the cost factor and sluggishness presented by running on older systems. It’s why modernizing your business infrastructure is crucial to remain competitive.

What the MSP Can Do

Maybe you’ve had enough and you’re ready to move past the frustrations of legacy infrastructure. But, you’re also held back by the costly capital of renovating your current IT. This is where an MSP is a solution.

Remember, the goal of an MSP is to provide all the resources needed to upgrade into an efficient business model. By doing so, your company can not only prepare for the future, but lead it. 


  • Creates roadmaps to assist your business in choosing the best possible software and hardware options that suit your company service model
  • Cut into needless expenses by identifying needless hardware/software
  • Refocusing staff towards IT approaches which are effective over long term by creating more value with each action taken
  • Secures your business and builds more trusted brand value

If you’re tired of living in the digital dust, contact Bytagig today to learn about our services and how we can help you.

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