Going on Vacation Soon? Don’t Forget to Prepare Your Devices

We rarely leave our smartphones, tablets, and laptops at home when we go on a trip. 74% of people get anxious about leaving their phones home when they go out anywhere, even to the grocery store.

How are you going to post all those rad vaca shots on social media if you don’t have your device with you? You also might need to check in on a sports team when the family is doing something boring.

But your electronics are at higher risk when you take them on a trip. While everyone is focusing on seeing the sights and doing vacation stuff, your valuable information sits easy to be snagged. It’s easy for a thief to grab a tablet or laptop off a table that you left “just for a minute.”

All that free Wi-Fi is awesome. It’s also filled with hackers! Free hotspots in tourist areas are prime hangouts for cybercriminals who spy on your online activities. You know that funny selfie you just took? Yeah, the hackers are loving that too! They just nabbed it because you connected to free Wi-Fi to save it to your cloud drive. Oh, and they got that credit card you entered to buy a souvenir too!

Stop making common mistakes and get your devices ready the right way!
Here are some tips on device prep before your next trip:
  • Sign up for a VPN and use it to secure your Wi-Fi Connection
  • Buy charge-only USB cables to avoid “juice jacking”
  • Put a screen lock on all devices
  • Enable “Find My Device” on electronics
  • Pack electronics in proper cushioning
  • Update device software & make sure they have anti-malware
  • Bring the number of your local IT shop for emergencies

Don’t let a hacker or thief ruin your fun.

If you’d like some help securing your smartphone, tablet, or laptop before a trip, just let us know.

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