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CISA’s Recommendations for Cybersecurity

International tensions tend to get messy, and while current political predicaments are sorting themselves out, it pays to be careful. Specifically, regarding cybersecurity – the CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency) has put together a small list of things for you to shore up in the wake of escalations with Iran. The latter is known to conduct cyber warfare and may target SMB’s during exercises, therefore, CISA recommends the following:

1 – Maintain Awareness

During threat escalation, maintain your body of IT security staff and avoid leaving aspects of your strategy exposed. Keep updated on new threat intelligence and make sure you have backup resolutions in place.

2 – Increase Internal Monitoring

Make sure your IT security staff are actively searching for external actors, threats, and connections that are abnormal or unknown, especially those based on Iranian locations. Have threat responses prepared for Iranian based cyberattack strategies. 

3 – Reporting Accuracy

Be sure that teams and staff know how to identify and report possible cyberattacks with proper accuracy. Faster reports lead to more efficient resolutions.

4 – Test Response Plans

Much like a penetration test, conduct response plans to examine their effectiveness and identify areas your business is weak in.

Be aware of the Iran cyber-threat profile. DDoS attacks are commons and malware to completely wipe data are typical implementations of their attack strategy.

Bytagig is committed to your security and we hope this helps you. For additional information and help, you can contact us for updates.

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