Bytagig Unveils Strategic Collaboration with the FBI

PORTLAND, OR – Bytagig LLC, a national provider of comprehensive cybersecurity and IT solutions, is thrilled to announce a partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at fortifying the nation’s cyber defenses. This partnership signifies a shared mission in combating cyber threats and fostering a more secure digital environment for both businesses and government entities.

The FBI has recognized the critical role managed service providers (MSPs) play in fighting against cybercrime and has expressed a desire to foster stronger relationships with the MSP community. Bytagig, with its undeniable commitment to delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity services, is proud to be a key partner in this initiative.

Through this collaboration, Bytagig and the FBI will work hand in hand to share vital threat intelligence, enhance incident response protocols and jointly address emerging cybersecurity

John Jackson, CEO of Bytagig, expressed his enthusiasm about this partnership, stating, “Bytagig is committed to sharing expertise and resources with the FBI to create a safer digital space for everyone. We are honored to be involved in this partnership.”

This strategic collaboration is also expected to foster greater transparency between the private sector and law enforcement, creating a more efficient and coordinated response to cyber

The collaboration marks a new era in the fight against cybercrime and showcases Bytagig’s dedication to its core values of integrity, trust, and quality innovation.

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About Bytagig
Bytagig is on a mission to empower businesses to thrive with top-tier IT solutions and advanced cybersecurity protection. With a team of highly skilled experts and cutting-edge technology, Bytagig aims to secure the digital landscape for clients and empower them to thrive in the face of cyber threats. The company offers a wide range of services, including onsite and remote cyber security and IT services. With offices in Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, North Carolina, and Massachusetts, Bytagig helps small businesses succeed across the United States.

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