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When Should IT Support Portland Professionals Take Time Off

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Like many other IT support Portland professionals, you probably have many vacation days that are unused because you rarely take time off from work. Though your dedication to your work is admirable, you are a human being and your body, mind, and soul needs a vacation. Do not wait until you are too burnt out with work before you decide to take advantage of your vacation privileges. Many people in the same career path as you actually quit their jobs even before they reach their originally desired success because they are too fatigued and they lost all happiness in their jobs. And so before you end up throwing your career to the gutter, you need to know the signs that you badly need to take time off.

You start to lose sight of your goals

When you first started as a new IT support Portland professional, you can barely contain your excitement and you had a hard time sleeping because all you think about is your job and the difference that you can make in the IT industry. But now, you cannot focus on your goals anymore. It seems like you forgot what you are working for, what your objectives are, and why you are even in the IT industry. This usually happens when you work nonstop for years, and then suddenly you feel so stressed and burnt out with work, you lost sight of where you are going in your career. At this time you are probably at the verge of throwing your whole career away. But before you do anything drastic, you must file for a leave of absence, and go on a vacation, either alone or with your family. You need to get out of the company and visit new places in order to clear your mind and find your focus again.  

Getting sick physically

If you are starting to feel sick physically, then it is time to ask for a leave of absence from the IT support Portland company that you work for. Your body is not as strong as it was before, and that is mostly because you are too focused with work, you do not have time to exercise and eat healthy foods. You need to give your body a break, and go on a long vacation to recuperate from your illness. See a doctor also to treat whatever you are suffering, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, or others. Never take your health for granted, and always side with caution. Always keep in mind that your body is your instrument to perform your job, and so you must handle it with superior care.

Emotionally drained

After years of working in the IT industry, you have dedicated more time to your work compared to your family and social life. And so it is no wonder when the time comes that you are emotionally drained, and you only have a few people left to turn to. If you are feeling so emotionally exhausted with work and life in general, then it is time that you break away from the IT support Portland company temporarily, and recharge your emotional batteries. Reconnect with your friends, make up for lost times with your family, and do everything you can to rekindle a semblance of your old social life. Keep in mind that your work cannot comfort you when you are feeling so down. You need people who care for you when you feel like you cannot go on. So spend time with the people who genuinely want to take care of you, and take a long vacation in order to catch up with them.

You are beginning to make mistakes with cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is your specialty, but lately you notice that there are some minor errors in your work. You are beginning to make some mistakes that you never used to do. When this happens, you need to stop working as IT support Portland professional for the time being and claim your unused vacation leaves. Do not force yourself to work further, because those minute mistakes can potentially escalate, and you and your IT service firm will be in huge trouble. You are probably burnt out from too much work, and you need to take some time off to rejuvenate your body and mind. After your long vacation, come back to work and be your old self again.

Importance of time off from work

Companies allocate vacation leaves for their employees for a reason. It is not just because they are mandated to do so by the government, but it is because employees need time off from time to time.

  • Brain break

Taking a time off allows you to rest your brain. It could get fried if you continue to work nonstop regarding cybersecurity and IT works. Your brain is an organ in your body that needs to rest, and so you need to take a vacation before your brain shuts down on you due to too much pressure.

  • Physical rest

Going on a vacation is great for relaxing and resting your body. You have worked for years as IT support Portland professional, sitting on your chair and staring at your computer screens. When you take time off, your body is given the chance to recover from all the abuse you put it through.

Final say

As an employee you are definitely entitled of a time off. And as respect for your body and brain, you need to grab the opportunity to break free for a while from all the stresses and pressures of your job dealing with cybersecurity, black hat hackers, safeguarding networks and systems, and more. You cannot allow your body and brain to get too tired to the point that you are ready to end your career as an IT support Portland professional. So take long breaks whenever you feel drained, and loosen up a bit. After the vacation, come back with renewed energy.

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