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Unhappy as IT Support Portland What to Do

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There will come a time when you feel that you are unhappy with your job as an IT Support Portland. But do not fret, because this is a normal feeling that everyone gets from time to time, regardless of the kind of work a person is involved in. There could be many reasons why such negative feelings arise, like boredom, fight with a colleague, disagreement with a boss, getting passed on with promotion, lack of recognition, no salary increase, poor compensation, and more. There are more reasons out there as well, but your unhappiness stems from your own personal and professional experience, and you must deal with the negativity before it tears you apart and destroy what you have worked so hard for. In this post we will talk about the things that you can do in order to preserve your passion and revive your happiness as an IT Support Portland.

Find out what makes you unhappy

The first step that you need to do is address the cause of the issue. Find out exactly what started the whole unhappiness thing, and figure out why it happened. You must never run away or ignore your personal or professional issues, and you should deal with them head on. Never let your lack of satisfaction drive you further away from the job that have always loved ever since you were a kid. Remember that you have worked so hard to achieve your position right now, so do not let your unhappiness destroy your present and your future. Once you find what caused your dissatisfaction, you can work on it and find ways to resolve your issues. If you need to see a shrink, do so. But you need to do everything you can to stop feeling sad and stop feeling unhappy with your job. Lear how to value yourself and your work again, so you can come back and become a happy and energized IT Support Portland.

Remember what made you want to become an IT professional

Choosing IT as a profession is something that you have decided while you were still in middle school. It is not something that you suddenly woke up on and decide to do. There are reasons why you wanted to enroll in bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology, and you simply need to remember what those reasons are in order to remind yourself why you chose this career path. Take some time off from work to clear your mind. There is really no point in reporting to work when you feel so down and unhappy. Your negativity can possibly infect your other colleagues, and you cannot be productive anyway with your current state of mind. So ask for a leave of absence. Take three days off, or a week if needed, and work on reminiscing on the times when you were a happy and eager student learning the ways of IT. By remembering why it was important to you to become an IT Support Portland, you may be able to revive your passion for your job.

Think of the practical reasons for staying at your current job

Often, when employees are unhappy with their jobs, they always think about quitting. But in your case, you need to think with your head, and not your emotions. Be practical about this, and think of your future. Contemplate on what will happen to your finances if you suddenly quit your job. Even if you already have savings, how long do you think until you dig into your money and spend them all to support you while you determine what you really want to do with your life? And when the time comes that you find what you want, do you think you would still be financial stable enough to pursue a new career? And if you decide that being an IT Support Portland professional is really your dream, will your old boss welcome you back after you abandoned his company? Will other IT support service company even consider hiring you, after they heard about how you left your job because you were unhappy? Again, be practical about your decision. Do not let your emotions drive a large wedge between you and the IT world, just because you feel temporarily dead inside with your work.

Create a balance life with work and social life

It is not a shocking information that many IT professionals are married to their computers. Many ITs are introvert and they can easily talk to their computers, have fun with their computer codes, applications, software, and anything related to the virtual world, but they are poor when it comes to communicating with real life humans. And if you are one of those IT professionals who spends their working days and rest days facing your computer, then no wonder you are unhappy. No matter how much you love IT work, there will come a time when you get bored with it. So in order to be your old self as an IT Support Portland, you must try harder to create a balance in your life in terms of personal and work. Start socializing, even if you begin going out with your fellow ITs. In the long run, you can meet new people who are beyond the IT world, and you can have more fun socially. By creating a good balance, you can return to being a happy IT professional and be more productive with your job.


Because you are only human, it is normal to feel unhappy about working as an IT. But never let that negative feeling jeopardize your whole career. Fight the boredom, fight the urge to quit, and lift yourself up from the dark thoughts and place that is dragging you down. Remember all the things that used to make you happy as an IT Support Portland. Get a strong grip of yourself and face bravely whatever issues you have.

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