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Traits of an IT Support Portland Professional

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There are hundreds, if not thousands of IT Support Portland professionals in the country, and though the number is high, you need to know that not all technical support specialists came from the same schools, and most especially they do not provide the same quality of IT services. And so when your company is looking for a new IT support professional, you need to know the kind of traits that this kind of profession must possess. And when you are set for an interview with a couple of applicants for the position, then you know what to look for when the time comes.

Skills in problem solving

The IT world requires experts who are highly skilled in finding fast resolutions to technical problems, especially when the company’s network and system are being cyber attacked by black hat hackers. Your company needs to hire an IT Support Portland specialist who can think fast, knows how to identify exactly what the issues are, and can fully concentrate on how to resolve the problem in a small window of time. The applicant must have critical and logical thinking capabilities that ensure that the source of the technical problem is found and the proper resolution is provided. The best candidate for the job is someone who loves solving puzzles, and enthusiastic in solving math problems. You can determine if the job applicants have this incredible trait by putting them through a series of tests that can check their problem solving skills.


The IT industry is a demanding field that mostly requires all the IT support specialists to be available at all times, especially when emergencies come up at the office. And though office hours usually is around eight to nine hours, you need to hire flexible IT service specialists who can come to the office any time, during weekends or after hours whenever the need arise. Always remember that black hat hackers do not follow the guidelines of working hours. They strike whenever they want to, and your IT Support Portland professionals must always be ready to take on the challenge of beating the cyber criminals. And for this to happen, you need dedicated people who are committed to report to the office whenever you call. Of course, they will be paid overtime for their efforts. You are more likely to get this kind of commitment and dedication from single IT support specialists since they have no spouse or children to consider. But there are also many married IT service specialists who are willing to forego family days for the sake of their job. So make sure that you specifically ask the applicants about their take on the flexible working hours before you hire them.

Exceptional communication skills

When you are interviewing the potential applicants for the job you are posting, you must gauge the communication skills of the applicants. You need a technical expert who can communicate properly, has great listening skills, comprehension skills, and ability to speak with confidence and conviction. Your new IT Support Portland professionals must be able to handle clients well, and can convey their message to their bosses, peers, clients, and vendors with superior clarity. Most of all, the applicants must possess the ability to talk in a layman’s language to people who are not techy. You can test this type of skills during the interview, by engaging in deep conversations with the applicants, and checking how they communicate with you. Provide different scenarios, and see how they handle themselves in that area.  

Detailed oriented

It is crucial to hire an IT support professional who is extremely detail oriented in order to make sure that there are no mistakes in the company software, programs, systems, and more that requires their expertise. You need to keep in mind that the slightest error in the process of strengthening cybersecurity can cause major technical issues that can lead to a successful breach of the network and system by the black hat hackers. And so you need to ensure that you accept a new IT Support Portland professional in your company who pays attention to the slightest detail. This skill is highly crucial especially in times when there is a cyber attack.


The technological world is constantly changing, and it is essential that all IT support specialists are highly motivated to learn new things about the IT world and the technology in general. Find a new employee who is self-motivated enough to welcome new technological changes and embrace them. You need people who are not afraid to challenge themselves and move forward from the old technology. But of course, they must never forget all they have learned in the past, and respect the old and combine them with the new. Also, you need motivated IT support specialists who have the personality to never give up on the job, no matter how good the cyber criminals are. The great experts in this field are those who find motivation even in the midst of chaos, so gauge for the motivational skills of the applicants before you hire them as your new IT Support Portland professionals.


Reliability of the IT support specialists usually stems from self-discipline, and that is a very important trait that you must find in your applicants. People with self-discipline come to work before the time so you never have to worry about absences in the office. They are also dedicated with their job and will never jeopardize their responsibilities for any reason. Most of all, self-disciplined IT support professionals are trustworthy, especially in terms of the confidential data of the company, and they are utterly committed in safeguarding the networks and systems.


Your company needs an ambience of teamwork, and so you need to hire a new group of IT Support Portland professionals who have the spirit of teamwork in their personalities. The teamwork trait is absolutely beneficial for your whole company, since working as a team is indeed crucial.

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