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Through Portland IT Services Making Your Company Website Safe

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Your website security is a major issue that you must never ignore in your company, and you must hire a Portland IT services team to handle your site’s security. Even if your company website is running smoothly and fast loading, you must not be complacent and just let things stay as they are. Without you knowing it, cyber criminals are already targeting your website for their malicious intents to steal information like credit card data from your customers, and use them for their own selfish purposes. They may also access your site to infect it with malwares that will cause chaos in your system and crash your website. You must take care of your website security no matter what, since you never know the extent that your competitors will go through just to see your business fall into pieces. And so, you need to do everything necessary to make your website safe and secure from hackers. Let us look at the major things that you must do for your website.

Hire an IT support company

It is highly recommended that you hire a reliable Portland IT services company to handle the security of your website. They can upload a software that will ensure that your site security is foolproof, and they will install measures to keep hackers from accessing your website. IT support has the tools to fight against cyber criminals, and they are highly skilled and trained to do so. And aside from website security, they can also handle the optimization of your site, and they can monitor any technical issue that may arise. Once their system detects any anomaly in your website operation, they can quickly find a technical resolution that will guarantee that your website will not experience downtimes. Downtimes makes you lose customers and money, so your new dedicated IT support can prevent downtimes from happening.

Unique admin password

Your new Portland IT services team will surely advise you to change your website admin password to something that is extremely unique and very strong, so the hackers or whoever who want access to your site will find it very hard to crack. The good news is your IT support company will install a system in your computers that will make it super difficult for hackers to use their automated tools to hack your password. They can write a code that blocks hacking, and they can do that thanks to their exceptional skills in Information Technology.

Reliable hosting platform

No matter how secure your website password is, if the website hosting platform that you choose is not stable, then your website security is still at a high risk. When you hire a highly skilled Portland IT services company, they will let you know if the website host you are currently using is solid enough for security purposes. If they deem that the hosting platform does not fully support the website security that you are aiming for, then they will definitely advise you to transfer to another more secure website hosting platform. And when this happens, you don’t have to worry since your IT support surely knows how to migrate all your website data from one hosts to another. They can handle everything for you with ease and superior security.

Update your website software regularly

Your business is taking all of your time, and tendency is you often forget to update your website software, which is quite a security risk for your company website. That is why it is ideal to hire the best Portland IT services in the land, so your website software is always updated when needed. They can handle the software updates to keep your website function seamlessly without major technical issues. By updating your website, you have access to new features, and the latest security measures. A frequently updated website software ensures that malwares, bugs, bots, and other website vulnerabilities will not touch your company site. Your IT support team can watch out for new software updates, and they can execute the necessary steps to ensure that your website is up to date. When this is happening, your website will run more smoothly, and your customers will have a great time browsing through your pages that loads in a fast manner.

Utilize an SSL Certificate

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer Certificates are essential for the security of your website and it is very easy to install. But of course, there are still risks in setting SSL up without experience, so leave this task to your new Portland IT services team, because they have a vast experience in this sort of thing. SSL is needed in order to allow your website the chance to have an extremely secure connection when it passes on data through the use of the internet. SSL encrypts your data to make sure that your confidential information is not accessed by hackers. Your data will look like a garbled combination of messy encrypted characters, so they are not alluring to the watchful eyes of hackers. This certificate is popular among the e-commerce sites, most particularly websites that handles online payments. SSL certificates are not doubt very helpful and super beneficial for your website to guarantee utmost security for your customers. And when you have an extremely secure website, your customers will feel safe purchasing from your company website.

Specific IP admin login restriction

Another security measure that you can do for your company website is to restrict the admin login to specific IP addresses only. Your dedicated Portland IT services team can make this happen for you. So this means that you and your selected management team can only access the company website if you are all logging in from a particular IP address that is allowed by your system. Even you will not gain access to your website when you are outside the range of the IP address that is assigned to you. This way, your company website is absolutely safe.

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