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Protection for IT Support Portland Professionals Eyes

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Most of the IT support Portland Professionals in the country does not have perfect eyesight. That is mainly because they stare at their computers all day and night, since that is of course what they do for a living. And so if you have worked in the IT industry for a long time, you know that staring at your computer screens can cause computer vision syndrome that involves blurred vision, eye fatigue, dry eyes, eye twitching, eye discomfort, red eyes, headaches, and neck and shoulder pain. In general, the eye problem that is caused by your computer screens is called digital eye strain. This serious issue with your eyes must be prevented at all cost, because your eyes are crucial for your job as an IT support specialist, and as a human being. And since you cannot avoid using computers and work gadgets, you need to protect your eyes against the harm that computer screens do to your eyes. When you have eye protection, you can do your job as an IT support Portland professional more efficiently.

Ways to lessen eye strain when working

You love your work and so you would never give it up for anything. And with that conviction, you must follow with precautions. Here are a couple of ways to avoid digital eye strain in your field of career.

Regular eye checkup

You can postpone your general physical checkup for a lot of reasons, but you must never cancel or re-schedule your appointment with your eye doctor. Take care of your eyes by visiting your ophthalmologist at least once a year, and as needed. By subjecting your eyes to a comprehensive exam in a regular basis, you can prevent the development of digital eye strain, and help treat any eye disease that you already acquired due to your work as IT support Portland professional.

Proper room lighting

Excessive lighting inside your office can cause eye strain, especially if you are assigned in a room where artificial light is abundant. If there is too much brightness in your office, your eye can suffer from the excessive light. And if the room is dim, the ambience is harmful to your eyes as well. Make sure that the lighting in the room is moderate and perfect for a working environment. Indeed, proper office lighting is an effective method of protecting your eyes from the harmful radiation of your computer screens.

Wear anti-radiation glasses

Your computer screens emit radiation that is harmful to your eyes in the long run. And so it is vital that you buy yourself anti-rad prescription glasses so you can help your eyes preserve their quality and vision. It is better to see an eye doctor and get a recommendation for the anti-rad glasses. Remember that fashion anti-rad glasses are not good for you, so get a proper prescription from your ophthalmologist.

Anti-reflective coating glasses

Another type of glasses that are perfect for eye protection are the anti-reflective glasses or AR glasses. They are used by many IT support Portland professionals because they reduce the glare from your computer screens, office walls, and other surfaces inside your office. These glasses are great for your eyes, and of course choose a pair that is stylish and suits you best.

Anti-glare screen installation

If you do not wish to wear anti-radiation prescription glasses or anti-reflective AR glasses, then you can choose to install high quality anti-glare screen on your computers. This product will considerably reduce the glare from your computer screens, thus protecting your eyes from potential diseases like the digital eye strain.

Modify the display settings of your computer

Find the display settings of your computer and adjust them according to your preference. You can manage the brightness, contrast, text size, and color temperature to a setting that protects your eyes from too much brightness or too much difficulty in reading your texts or challenge your eyes in recognizing colors. Remember that the computer display is influenced by the lighting inside the office of the IT support Portland company, so adjust them accordingly.

Blink more

One of the most common eye problems for IT support professionals is the dryness of the eyes. This is typically caused by the long hours of staring at your computer screens. That is why it is highly recommended that you blink more when you work, because blinking efficiently produces moisture for your eyes that keeps eye irritation and dryness away. But for someone who has been looking at computers for years, you know by experience that blinking is commonly not practiced by people who use the computer often. And so you need to be conscious about your actions when you work, and remember to blink at least once every 20 seconds while you perform your tasks to uphold the cybersecurity of your clients. However, if your eyes are always dry even if you have practiced blinking often, you can purchase a substance called lubricating eye drops. This product will help moisturize your eyes to prevent dryness. But, keep in mind that this product is totally different from the eye drops that reduce red eyes.

Take your breaks seriously

You do take your job as an IT support Portland professional seriously, and so most of the time you spend the whole working without taking breaks. But the thing is you need to start taking your breaks seriously. Working on your computer nonstop causes eye strain, and you can prevent this from happening by taking a break at least twice in one shift. You need to rest your eyes even for a few minutes in order to avoid eye problems or diseases.

Get plenty of sleep

Sleep is your number one ally in preventing your eyes from having serious problems. You need to completely relax and rest your eyes after a long day at work. So make sure to sleep at least eight hours in order to maintain your excellence as a dedicated IT support Portland professional.

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