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Pros and Cons of IT Support Portland Remote Access

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When IT support Portland Professionals need to remotely access their client’s computers and networks in order to provide technical solutions to hardware and software issues. There are many means to process remote access, and all have pros and cons. And in this post we will be exploring the advantages and disadvantages of using them.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

VPN is typically used by company owners and employees in order to access their office files online in their home or other places aside from their offices. This process is created to provide people with online privacy even in using public internet signal. In a nutshell, VPN offers employees access to their company files anywhere in the world, and it is also used by IT support professionals to access computers of their clients and provide their IT services. A VPN has two important jobs, and they are:

  • Build a safe connection or a reliable tunnel that allows IT support Portland Professionals to perform their tasks. This is very useful especially if the IT support for the company is physically far from the company they work for.
  • VPN safeguards the connection in order to protect the company files and the networks and systems of the company. This process ensures that the company network is not compromised in any way, and to block black hat hackers from detecting the connection and use it to penetrate the network and exploit the systems.

VPNs are typically safe to use, and it safeguards your connection as well as keep the online interaction anonymous. And though VPNs are secure, there are still risks in using this remote access.

  • Black hat hackers are experts in breaching networks through tapping into the VPN connections.
  • Cyber attacks are often launched through a VPN connection, especially when cyber criminals find a way to penetrate the network.

And because VPN poses some risks, it is best to have the best IT support Portland professionals to strengthen the VPN connection so no black hat hackers can exploit it and use the vulnerabilities to their own advantage and earn huge amount of money.

Desktop sharing

Another method of remote access is through desktop sharing. This process allows IT support to access files and data that are crucial to the IT service that they provide. On the other hand, desktop sharing allows employees to share presentations, files, documents, and more in real time. This online remote access process mostly involves online conferences, webinars, and remote support. Also, desktop sharing makes it possible for IT support professionals and employees to log in to the company computers from anywhere in the country through the use of a desktop, phone, laptop, or tablet. However, this method of remote access has its drawbacks:

  • Desktop sharing comes with authentication risks, since anyone who gains access to the log in of one employee can actually use them to get into the company computers and exploit the systems.
  • Remote access through desktop sharing by IT support Portland professionals and employees is not completely safe in terms of security in the network. Black hat hackers can always find a way to breach the connection, so it is best for the IT support specialists to make sure that a penetration for cyber a cyber attack will not happen.

How to avoid cyber attacks through a breach in remote access processes

Cyber criminals are always ready to launch cyber attacks on their target businesses, and so it is best for companies to have extremely secure networks and systems. And since it is near to impossible to avoid remote access within the organization as well as by IT support professionals, the best thing to do is solidify the networks of companies.

Businesses must hire only the best and most reliable IT support firms to handle their cybersecurity, and make sure that there is no network breaches when remote access is done through VPN or desktop sharing connection, or other forms of remote access connection. A highly skilled IT support Portland firm can create computer codes, create software programs, and more that can efficiently secure the remote access connection.

Another method to prevent cyber attacks to happen through remote access is to give clearance only to selected employees to do remote access. As much as possible, remote access should be limited, and it must only be utilized in emergency cases, or if there is no other option. Also, it is recommended to allow remote access to IT support professionals only who are assigned to their client’s companies. The limited number of people or instances to conduct remote access reduces the risk of black of hat hackers to find weaknesses and entry to the company networks.

Why remote access is important

Companies engage in remote access because their IT support is mostly not physically near their location. It saves a lot of time and money to process remote access compared to actually having the technical team come to the company premises to address technical issues. It is cost effective to allow the dedicated IT support Portland professionals to remotely provide technical resolutions to hardware or software issues. And besides, it is a norm in the technological world to use remote access. The world is advancing, and no company wants to step back and prefer the traditional ways of doing things. IT professionals are now doing their jobs remotely, and so they need to be better at making the networks more secure in order to protect their clients from black hat hackers.

And with remote access, the IT support specialists can utilize their own tools and resources in their own IT offices to fight cyber criminals. Companies usually hire third party IT service firms because they do not have the resources to manage their own IT department. And so it is ideal to let the hired IT support Portland professionals to do their job in the comforts of their offices. That way, they can perform their jobs better for greater success.

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