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Pros and Cons of Dating an IT Support Portland Professional

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Being an IT support Portland Professional is an amazing job that is good to the wallet, and dating one is a good decision. However, like in every relationship, there are advantages and disadvantages. And in this post we will talk about the pros and cons of having a boyfriend who works as an IT support professional.

Pros of dating an IT support professional

Like many other women in the world, dating an IT support professional is a blessing, and you can absolutely count yourself lucky to have a boyfriend with a successful career in the Information Technology industry. There are so many advantages to this relationship, and here are the most popular ones.

Bright financial future

It is not a secret fact that IT support professionals are earning loads of money, especially if they have part time gigs outside their regular work hours. And so when you date an IT support Portland professional, you are confident that if you both are ready to take things to the next level, your new family will live a good financial lifestyle. Your boyfriend can turn into a great provider, and you are indeed lucky to have such a man in your life.

Techy boyfriend

Well, it would prove to be great to have a boyfriend who is an expert in technology. You can have the most advanced computer system that your friends will surely envy. He can install the most innovative computer programs and software in your computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, and other gadgets to ensure that you are always protected against black hat hackers. And so with a boyfriend in this profession, you are always safe digitally. Plus, if you have technical issues, you can get free technical resolution thanks to your loved one. This will surely save you a lot of money, since hiring an IT support Portland professional is quite expensive, especially if you seek the service of the best ITs in the country.

Cool gadgets

For obvious reasons, IT support professionals do have the coolest gadgets in the world. They know how to upgrade their devices both physically and in software, and so when you have a badass IT professional boyfriend, you can be sure to have access of his super cool toys. And of course since you are in a relationship, he is bound to let you borrow his high tech stuffs, and may even give them to you.

Cons of dating an IT support professional

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship, and dating an IT professional is not an exception. Let us look at the disadvantages of having an IT professional boyfriend.

Married to his job

It is widely known that IT professionals are the serious type of career people and they take their jobs earnestly. Many are even guilty of being married to their job. In many cases this is true, and it is such a disadvantage for you. Many times, your IT support Portland professional boyfriend will always be at work, facing his computers and exercising his cybersecurity skills and capabilities. He may not have enough time for you because he loves his job too much.

Lack in social skills

There are many, but certainly not all IT support professionals who are more comfortable talking to their devices than dealing with humans. Many ITs lack the social skills to interact with other human, mainly because their world revolves around computers and cybersecurity. They are often enchanted with the virtual world, and the real world does not bring the same luster and happiness to them. And so having an IT professional as a boyfriend could prove to be a challenge with your closest friends and family.

Tips for having an IT support professional boyfriend

All relationships, regardless of the profession or lack thereof, need two people in order to work. And to make your relationship with your IT support Portland professional boyfriend to work, there are some tips that you can surely learn from.

Understand him and be patient with him

Working in the IT industry requires loads of time and energy, and yes there will be times when you feel like he loves his job more. But you need to understand that having the cybersecurity of the companies of his clients in his hands is not easy. Try to extend your patience as much as you can, and understand his job. When you have a full background of his duties and responsibilities, you can comprehend his career better. And understanding will surely lead to a more fruitful relationship.

Support his dreams

Be the kind of girlfriend that supports her man all the way to rise in his career. Do not hinder in his way of reaching his dream to be become the best IT professional in his firm. Do not get too jealous of his job, because computers are not women. Instead, support him with all your heart, and allow him to grow as an IT support Portland professional.

Encourage him when he feels down

Like any other jobs, there are moments when your boyfriend feels unappreciated and frustrated with his work. Be there for him when this happens, and encourage him to stay dedicated at his job. Remind him that he loves working in the IT industry, and do whatever you can to make him feel better. Do not ignite fire on his negative feelings, but instead inject positivity into his thoughts so he will come to his senses and help him find ways to grow and be more productive with his job.

Final say

Dating an IT professional is not easy, it has its ups and downs, and problems can never escape your relationship. But as long as you both stay strong for each other, you can make your relationship work. Remember to always respect each other, and give room for each to grow. And with an IT support Portland professional boyfriend, you must try to enter his world.

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