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For all companies in the world, it is crucial to always set up a data backup for all company confidential files, documents, and more. You need to protect your company from cyber attacks, and the best Portland IT services company can definitely help you keep your business safe against the constant threat of data theft that is happening almost every hour in the internet. You have invested your blood and sweat in building your company from scratch, so you must never allow anyone, especially cyber criminals to penetrate your network and steal your precious company data. You have to understand that there are so many negative things that can happen to your company if you have the unfortunate luck of getting hacked and you have no backup for your dat. Let us explore what would possibly happen if your data is lost and you did not create a backup earlier on.

Data loss is bound to happen

If your company has no data backup, then data loss is really bound to happen. This usually happens to small businesses, because cyber criminals deems that small companies are more lax with their network security and does not invest in a cloud based system, unlike large corporations that spends loads of money just to secure their network and backup their data in the cloud. So if you want to avoid losing your data, hire a reliable Portland IT services to handle your cloud migration and solidify the security of your network so no hacker can penetrate your system and steal what you keep in storage.

Your business is potentially crippled

The fact is, many businesses that are attacked by cyber criminals are cripples either temporarily or permanently. When you have do backup on your data, your business will have a hard time standing up again, especially if you have lost all your documents regarding your business that includes contracts, strategies, manufacturing secrets, and many more confidential information that your competitors would surely feast upon once they get their hands on them. Your company operation is compromised when this happens, so make sure that you invest in hiring the most trustworthy Portland IT services company that you can rely on when you migrate your system into the cloud and build a data backup storage that will be impenetrable to even the skilled hackers. Make it a point to prioritize the security of your network and the backup of your data, so your company will never become one of the failed companies that suffered a great loss after cyber criminals seeped into their network and stole their data that has no backup.

Your company can lose investors

You have to protect the integrity of your company at all cost, and that includes keeping your data safe. Build a backup data storage so your company investors will appreciate and be confident with your company handling their money. If your data is lost and you have no backup, your financial investors will surely lose interest in your company and will possibly back out from your deal. So you need to back up your data and secure them through the help of the most dependable Portland IT services in order for your investors to keep their trust on your company. Always take note that on the first sign of trouble, financial investors will protect their investment and withdraw from your company and invest somewhere else. So you have to do everything you can to ensure that your data is protected and has a backup, so you can face your investors and be proud to tell them that their money is absolutely safe with you.

You lose the trust of your customers

Your business is nothing if not for your customers. You are trying so hard in attracting new genuine traffics to your website so you can gain more and more solid leads and sales conversion. And your company may even invest in sales marketing and influencers, but you are actually forgetting the most important investment that you must make, which is the security of your network and data. Your customers entrusts their personal information, including their address and credit card information, so you must do everything in your power to protect what are trusted in you. Hire the most skilled Portland IT services company to create a data backup for you, so the private information of your customers will never be compromised. Because once your customers find out that their confidential data is jeopardized, they will never trust in your company again. and worst, they can even sue your business for compromising their personal information.

It takes forever to gather the data again

Even if your company is just starting or if you are in operation for a year or two only, you still need to back up your data because when hackers get into our network and steal your data, it would take a very long time to collate those data again. And worst, your company may never recover them again. So prevent this disaster from happening by trusting in a dependable Portland IT services company that can cement the security of your network in order to block the access of cyber criminals into your system. Whether you have small or medium or large company, data backup must be a priority so you never have to face the loss of data ever in your business career.


It is quite obvious that you need to invest money in hiring an IT support company for your business. But if you look at the benefits of getting this kind of help, especially with data backup, you will surely realize that it is actually cost saving to have a data back up with the assistance of a highly skilled Portland IT services company. And when you finally store your data in the cloud and have your technical support monitor the security of your network, then your business prospers.

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