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Portland IT Services Team for Cloud Migration

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More than 80% of businesses are moving to the cloud and soon every company will process migration too in order to stay ahead of the game. However, cloud migration is not an easy process and you simply cannot just wing it and trust the transition to any IT team. You need the best Portland IT services to handle this major change for your organization, especially because all your company data is involved. You cannot risk the safety of your confidential files to get in the hands of hackers so for your business’ sake, be very careful in your IT team selection.

In this post we will discuss about the primary IT team that will handle the cloud migration for your company. There are six important individuals who plays a major role in the seamless transition, and you must know each role they perform so you are aware if they are slacking or not. It is crucial to find out what your new IT team is doing so be well informed about their individual tasks.

Executive General

This is the head of the cloud migration team whose name at the top list and is regarded as the boss of the IT company. His name is right there on the brand, and his role is crucial to the success of your cloud migration. This IT is a highly reliable, respected, and trusted leader who has unmatched knowledge regarding the cloud world, the benefits, processes, strategies, and everything that has something to do with the cloud migration. He is the face of the cloud migration team, and his job includes attending executive meetings with you and your management team, create a migration strategy for your business, outline the necessary processes, assess your migration feasibility, and manage his migration Portland IT services team efficiently.

Field Manager

The field manager is an IT with a level of director and his job is to ensure that everything is ready for the cloud migration. He handles the execution of the process, and implement whatever strategy is concocted by the executive general and you and your management team. The field manager monitors the cloud migration preparation and transition closely in order to avoid any mistake to occur, which could jeopardize the whole operation. This IT expert is equipped with the financial skills to handle any business in the technical side of things. He has a complete comprehension of how cloud migration is beneficial to companies, and can be objective and subjective when needed. The field manager encourages the migration team to work harder and better, and it is his responsibility to keep the other ITs inspired and dedicated in their jobs in providing the best Portland IT services.

IT Resolutions Architect

This member of the IT team is the cloud engineer who expertly designs the cloud architecture of your company. He manages your cloud migration system, which involves servers, front-end platforms, networks, content delivery, storage, and more. The IT architect is a master with cloud in general and cloud migration, and he has certifications regarding cloud issue resolutions, cloud architecting, and he has extensive knowledge and experience in cloud projects. This IT member of the cloud migration Portland IT services team works closely with the security and compliance people, as well as the system administrator to ensure that everything in your cloud migration transition is done smoothly. He is always ready to provide resolutions in case of problems, and he makes the security much tighter for an uneventful process.

Cloud System Administrator

The responsibility of the cloud system administer is greatly modified by the presence of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). He handles the system of your cloud migration and the cloud itself instead of focusing on the hardware, like what this job used to do solely before the cloud comes in. This IT professional is equipped with the vast knowledge on how to handle, operate, and manage cloud networking and virtual machines. He also is responsible for the creation and development of PaaS or Platform as a Service and IaaS. As the cloud system administrator for the most reliable Portland IT services team, he has superior comprehension of the fundamentals of a cloud. He is very efficient in shell scripting, and he is capable of programming various languages including Ruby, Python, and Perl. And the main objective of the system administrator is to manage your cloud resources in order to stay par with the requirements of your company.

Cloud Security Manager

The cloud security manage is responsible for the organization, configuration, and upkeep of the security protocols of your cloud environment. He handles the management of cloud access through varying resources like users, accounts, and groups. This IT expert from the cloud migration Portland IT services team is certified to handle the responsibility of cloud security management, and has full understanding of the design, structure, and maintenance of the cloud environment in a super secure manner. He is an expert communicator, and he know exactly how to handle any vulnerability in the cloud and contain any issue and provide the best resolution. The cloud security manager is the best IT expert who can thoroughly explain in accurate detail the ins and outs of your cloud security.

Compliance IT Specialist

The Compliance IT Specialist is working hand in hand with the Cloud Security Manager and his job is focused on your company’s compliance to adhere to the privacy policies and requirements of your respective industry. This IT has the certification involving security management of a cloud, and he ensures that there is no cloud policy that is deviated. In short, the compliance IT specialist is the expert whose job focuses on maintaining the compliance of your company’s use of the cloud so you never have to face any legal issue from your cloud provider. He is also responsible for checking the new processes, features, services, and products of your company to ensure that they follow the rules of Portland IT services.

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