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Portland IT Services Remote Access Security

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Remote access is all about allowing someone, especially your Portland IT services team to take control of your computer and allow them to view everything inside your computer. This is not an easy task for you, since you do have sensitive and confidential information that you store inside your computer, and even if it is your work computer, there are still personal files inside that could be exposed to your IT’s view. That is why it is crucial to know what you need to do in order to ensure the security of your computer. Only have your IT remotely access your computer if it is absolutely necessary and there is nothing else to do.

Why should you allow remote access?

If your company computer is in trouble, and you need immediately assistance, then you can call your Portland IT services company to remotely access your computer so they can provide instant resolution to your technical problem. It saves a lot of time to do so this way, compared to letting your IT support come to your office and fix the problem, which is quite the same as having them remotely access your computer. Whether physically or remotely, your IT service team will gain access to your computer and provide resolution to your technical problems. And so there is really no other choice, except of course if you know how to resolve your computer issues perfectly.

Precautions to take regarding computer remote access 

Remote access is a necessity sometimes that your company needs to go through, but there are precautions that you need to take in order to ensure the security of your company files.

Allow only your contracted IT support Company

There are so many hackers in the world today, and every day they seem to always find ways to trick business owners, and management, even employees into opening their computer for them. Cyber criminals can attempt to contact you saying that they are from an IT company that needs to check your computer for an issue that they intentionally name in jargon to make you somehow believe that they are legit. Be careful when this happens, and go the extra mile to find out if the person calling is indeed part of your Portland IT services team. It is crucial to know the legitimacy of the caller before you give full access to your computer. Always be smart enough to know that cyber criminals can easily make up a story about malware detection or any technical issue that needs immediately resolution and so they need to remotely access your computer instantly. Allows only your IT support team to remotely access your device, and no one else.

Data backup is a must in case of mistakes

Like any other services, your Portland IT services team is not perfect, though may come close to perfect. So make sure that you have a backup for all your computer data in case a new member of the IT team accidentally makes a mistake and makes you lose data from your computer. It is important to have a data backup, so you can still retrieve and have access to the lost computer files. And when you have a data backup, you can be confident when your IT support remotely access your computer, your data is safe and secure. In fact, your IT support company can set up that data backup for you, and you have secure data at all times, no matter who makes you lose computer files.

Trust is the major factor in computer remote access

Trust is something that is earned and not simply given away. Establish trust with your Portland IT services company first before you allow them to remotely access your computer for security purposes. Of course, you already have trust in their ability in the technical sense because you already hired them to be your IT support, but it is different when the matter involves accessing your computer. It is not easy to give up control on your computer, even for just a couple of minutes of hours. Your whole work in the company is there, even your personal files. And so it is understandable that you do not wish anyone, even a professional IT to get a full view of what you have inside your computer. But if the problems call for a remote access, then you really must allow your trustworthy IT support to remotely access your computer. But what you can do is monitor their work on your computer to ensure that optimum security is practiced while your computer is operated remotely by an IT.

The logic behind your remote access fear

It is quite normal to be scared when your Portland IT services team accesses your computer remotely. You don’t know exactly who is at the other side of the screen, and you do have a bit of paranoia when it comes to confidential company data due to the rise of cyber attacks and hackers crawling in the dark web. Your fears are not unfounded, and they are right where they are. If you do not have any fear in allowing people to remotely access your computer, then you run the risk of accidentally allowing hackers to remotely access your system. Yes indeed, a little distrust is a good factor as a business person. After all, your business would not have survived if you are very trusting with every vendor or supplier who comes knowing at your offices to offer their products and services.


Computer remote access must never be taken lightly, and it must not be granted to just anyone, even for those people claiming to be legit ITs but have no prior business engagement with your company. Always be on the lookout for hackers who will do everything they can to exploit your website’s weakness and destroy your system. Find the best Portland IT services company, and only trust them for remotely accessing your computer.

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