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Portland IT Services How to Verify Their Efficiency

When you already have a Portland IT services company in mind for your company, you need to verify if they are legit and if they are indeed as efficient as they claim to be. There are methods to clarify this information, and of course you will not simply take their word for it. You need to be absolutely sure in your decision, because the security of your network and system relies on this decision of yours. Let us explore the different methods that you can apply in order to process your own verification and get proof that what is offered to you as their qualifications are all true.

Check certification

Fund out if they are truly certified in the fields of Information Technology as they claim to be. Communicate with the organizations, schools, or IT programs that they included in their portfolio and find out if they are telling the truth. For trust purposes, do not just contact the number they have provided, because we all know that numbers can be doctored, and they can simply put other people they know on the other line and pretend to be someone from the institutions they claim to be under. Do your own research, find the websites, and contact them their so you can verify that the Portland IT services company that you are eyeing for is indeed legit and the certifications are not bogus. Once you are sure that their certifications are true, you can at least lay that portion to rest until further examination if needed.

Call out references

Do not just take their word for it. You do know that companies and people will do everything to look good on their portfolio, so without showing any disrespect to the IT support company, make your inquiries about their previous IT services. Find their previous employers and talk to them about their satisfaction of the services of the Portland IT services company that you want to hire. Once again, do not fully trust the number that the IT support provided. Rather, search the web and use the contact information from there. Most importantly, do not be contented with just one or three references. This is the future and security of your company, so go the extra mile to find out about their previous works. Settle for at least five references, and take time to call them all. Make sure that you ask the right questions and get the important details. Never be satisfied with simple importations, and use your skills as a business person to find out more about the IT support company.

Read reviews and testimonials

After you have contacted the references provided by the IT support company, it is time to move on to the reviews and testimonials of the previous and current companies related to your choice of technical support. Read the reviews carefully so you can get a deeper insight as to what kind IT support company you are dealing with. And when you see bad reviews, read the, properly and analyze their worth. Check if the negative review is actually fair, or is it just a rambling of an old client that was not happy with the IT services because their company did not follow all the guidelines provided by the Portland IT services. And if that is the case, you can never really fault the IT support company, since they did their part and there is absolutely nothing they can do if their other party refuses to do their suggestions. After all, ITs do know more about cybersecurity, network and system security, and cybercrimes compared to business people. So read and comprehend the reviews properly, and check if the negative reviews are unfounded, or if they are legit. Remember that you learn a lot in an IT support company by how their old and existing clients look at them and how satisfied they are of their services for their technical issues and network and system maintenance.

System dry run

Now that you are fully convinced that your favored Portland IT services company is indeed legit and they are who they say they are, the it is time to move on to the testing of their system. Of course, it would be impractical for you to hire an IT support company without checking how they run their system. Schedule a dry run of their services, and watch closely how they handle technical resolutions, and how fast they are in resolving technical issues. Test and probe their system so you will learn about how they operate, and if they are indeed a great fit for your business. This part is quite hard but is also easy, since the dry run allows you to see how your network and whole system is taken care of against cyber criminals and hackers alike. In this stage of the hiring process you will find out if the IT service company that you are in favor with is highly capable of providing their end of the bargain and if they have the capacity to perform their IT job excellently. So pay close attention to what they do, and make sure that you learn from their processes because you would need a strong foundation of IT services in order to trust in what they do. You cannot keep yourself in the dark and just wait for your IT support team to do all the work.


The fate of your company relies on the capable hands of your selected and new Portland IT services company, so do everything you can to find out if they are the best for your business. You cannot just sign the contract without finding the truth, since the security of your network and company system is at stake here. So hire only the IT support team that surpassed your high standards for your company, and never settle for second best just because you are tired of finding the best.

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