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Portland IT Services Explains How Hackers Work

In the world of technology, there are good guys and bad guys, and they are all experts in the Information Technology industry. And yes it is indeed true. Hackers, or cyber criminals are ITs too, and their good counterparts are the professional and legit Portland IT services companies. The bad ITs uses their considerable skills to cause havoc in the technological world. They penetrate systems, steal confidential information, exploit customer data, take websites hostage, and many more bad things. Hackers are able to worm their slithery way into the hardware and software of computers and other gadgets. They are fond of stealing secrets, acquire passwords, get information about credit cards, and overwhelm websites with so much traffic, the onslaught actually causes their victims to crash.

Why hackers do what they do

So now, as IT ourselves, we understand why cyber criminals are hacking their way into the systems of business, government offices, and even individual networks. Their reasons may be any and varies in nature, but truth be told, hackers hack because of three things.

Challenge their skills

All Portland IT services companies continuously challenge their skills as an IT in order to provide the best technical support to their clients. On the other hand, cyber criminals go the extra mile to learn new skills and new techniques to be better at hacking. They keep on challenging their skills, and one way to that is to hack complicated networks just to prove that they can.


Of course, money is a great motivator for cyber criminals to do what they do best. They steal data and sell them to the highest bidder, they crash networks in order to complete a hired job, they access credit card information and use them for their personal purposes, and many more methods to get money from other people who work hard to earn money. But bad ITs do not care a bit that they are sitting comfortably while they steal money. It is so easy for them to steal rather than work a decent job. And it is all because of money.


Hackers are known for their code names in the dark web, and they mostly do not reveal their true identities even to other hackers that they are close with. But, that does not stop them from aiming for superior popularity. Cyber criminals have a reputation to protect, and they aspire to be the best hacker in the world. That is why they work so hard so achieve a level of fame that is unmatched by other hackers. And so when there are famous professional Portland IT services, there are also popular hackers.

How hackers hack

It cannot be denied that there are people who thinks that hackers are cool, and in fact they are sometimes worshipped by low level ITs who aspires to be just like their idol hackers. But in reality there is nothing cool about what hackers do. They are cyber criminals who steal and profits from their bad deeds. Let us take a closer look at how hackers get in the system of their victim’s network.

Back door access

Almost all network, system, application, and anything to do with technology has a back door access that is mostly unknown to business owners and the management team. No matter how secure the network is, there is always that tiny little back door where the hackers can find vulnerable and use it to enter the system and get what they want. And so to ensure that your back door is fully secure, you must find the most trustworthy Portland IT services company and allow them to use their talents, expertise, and skills to provide security and guard your back door efficiently.

Email worm

Hackers are experts in creating emails that looks normal enough for the recipients to actually them. But these emails are equipped with mini programs or scripts that is filled with virus to corrupt the network of businesses, even with individual computers.

Buffer overflow

This is a technique of a cyber criminal in executing malicious commands to a private or commercial network through maneuvering the application buffer of the system. And if you want to avoid this disaster, make sure that you hire the best Portland IT services team in the country.

Denial-of-service attack

This hacking method is a cyber attack that involves obstructing the flow of genuine traffic in a website and replaces them with false traffic. It aims to cripple your system, so be aware of this kind of mischief.

Script kiddie

This amateur hacking style is an attempt to mimic the real hacking strategies of an actual hacker by an unsophisticated cyber criminal. They use hacking tools without using actual codes that they create themselves.

Root access

This is the access that can be found in the highest level, and this root access is the dream of every serious cyber criminal to get their hands on. By having root access to your system, the hackers can take total control of your network and your company’s system. And trust us legit and hardworking Portland IT services companies, this root access acquisition is absolutely not something that you want cyber criminals to have.

Trojan horse

A Trojan horse looks like a friendly and beneficial program but is actually is a deceitful program that attacks your devices without you knowing. It is designed to make your hardware and network think that the program is trustworthy, but the truth is it destroys your system.

Session hijacking

This happens when a cyber criminal successfully injects a malicious data packet while you are processing an ongoing transmission of data using your company’s internet connection. You need an expert IT to make sure that this malware does not succeed.

Root kit

This is collection of tools that are utilized by the hackers in order to maneuver your system. But with the help of a reliable Portland IT services company, the attempt of intruders is fails.

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