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Portland IT Services Company Explains Web-based Attacks

Online or web-based threats are malicious programs that aims to cripple your system and hardware, regardless of the kind of device you use, may it be a desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or iPad. As long as you use the internet, your system is at risk of web-based attacks in the form of malware programs. Luckily, a highly experienced Portland IT services company can help your network battle against malware programs that threatens your company website, online ordering platform, data storage, and more.

Cyber criminals intentionally infects your computer and gadgets through web-based malwares and they are often successful when your system lacks the installation of security products that blocks malicious contents. Web-based attacks also happen when you are using an operating system that is outdated. In fact, it is quite easy for hackers to manipulate a company website that runs on a system that is not regularly updated. So make sure that your business is not running on old versions of software and never give hackers a chance to penetrate your network. Ask the assistance of a trustworthy Portland IT services team to keep your web browsers, operating system, and your company network updated frequently.

Let us look at the most common Operating System or OSs and web applications that are often prone to web-based attacks.


More than 3 billion technological devices utilizes Java, and these devices are using different OSs, and they are on various platforms. That is mostly why cyber criminals can find ways to penetrate many network, because they exploit the slightest vulnerability of a web browser, apps, or operating system. But a highly rated Portland IT services company can help you fight against hackers and protect your system from web-based attacks.

Adobe Reader

Adobe reader is a famous software that is used by many companies but it still is not exempted from the attempts of cyber criminals to prick their solid security and find the smallest bit of entry to cause havoc to the application. But, Adobe is doing their best to cement the stability of their security in order to keep hackers out. However, your business still needs to hire the best IT support company to ensure that your adobe reader, browsers, and other web-based software in your network are excellently protected against potential web-based attacks.

Internet Explorer and Windows

This operating system and browser still runs the risk of getting hacked, despite the dedicated campaign of windows to solidify their network security. For some reason, cyber criminals have sense of third eye in finding weaknesses, or they simply just uses their brilliance as experts in Information Technology to try to outwit the legit and intelligent creators of software and the IT behind them. However, hackers are mostly having a hard time hacking windows and Internet Explorer, but it is no reason to be complacent. You still need the most qualified Portland IT services team to take care of the security of your operating system and browser in order to keep everything safe and your business free from web-based attacks.


Web-based attacks are usually successful through the Android devices, as hackers are becoming more and more skilled in finding vulnerabilities in gadgets through the internet. They can simply send emails, or chats that contain malwares and infect the any Android device. So you and everyone in your company must be very careful in opening attachments that are from unknown sources, especially if they are sent through the company email or website.

Now, let us look into the most common online threats that are made through the web.

Malicious scripts

Cyber criminals are smart and have intelligence that can be compared to professional Portland IT services companies. They use malicious scripts to integrate a code of their target website and jeopardize their security. When this happens, the users are redirected to another website that is quite similar in tons of ways as yours. This kind of attack is absolutely not healthy for your business, since your site visitors will surely get disappointed and they will use another website to process their order. And you can stop this web-based attack from happening by hiring the most committed Portland IT services in the country.

Executable PE files and scripts

These scripts and files are usually embedded in the programs of your software, or they could be executed through malicious malwares. They can also be carried through a social network or bank’s payload that is intended to steal confidential information that harms the customers. If your data is lost and the privacy of your clients are compromised, then you will have trouble finding more clients again.


Exploits are important tools for hackers to disguise their malware in your system, as well as exploit packs. They are created to focus on finding weaknesses, and they are designed to avoid the detection of your internet security. And with the help of a trustworthy Portland IT services company, your company can be spared from the exploits in the web that constantly look for a tiny window to access your system.

Trojan downloaders

These are nasty viruses that disguises themselves as friendly to your devices, but they are actually malicious in nature and are just waiting for the opportunity to attack your network. And when given a chance, the Trojan downloaders brings disastrous occurrences in your company’s system.

Adware programs

This kind of program takes advantage of the installation of a shareware or freeware software program in your devices and gets a free ride to your system. If not detected instantly by your security system, the adware programs can enter your network and case destruction in your business. That is why it is imperative that you have an experienced and highly trained Portland IT services company to work with you side by side to prevent the web-based attacks that are carefully thought of by cyber criminals who has no regard whatsoever to how hard and honest you work in building your business.

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