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Worried your business might be the next victim of a cyber attack?

Safeguard Your Business Credentials.

More cybercriminals are eyeing your passwords than ever before and credential theft is where it all begins.
What if you knew that your passwords were already on sale on the Dark Web? Would you act otherwise?

Let Bytagig evaluate your current IT systems and make recommendations based on current industry best practices.

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Small Business Security Solutions

Protect your technology and data with next generation cyber security and IT Support services

The modern work environment has changed considerably over the past year. When COVID-19 hit in full force, everything shifted on a personal and professional level. We’ve seen what a Virus can do to the world. Don’t let it happen to your Business.

Our services include:

​Next-Gen AntiVirus to detect and prevent cyber attacks.

24/7 Dark Web & Vulnerability Scanning to check for network, system and application security weaknesses.

​Security Awareness Training to help users and employees understand the role they play in helping to combat information security breaches.

Unlimited Remote Support for all your day to day IT needs.

The Cyber Security Bundle for businesses in Portland, San Diego & Boston

When you invest in our Cyber Security Bundle, you get everything listed below. Whether you are a small or a mid-sized business, cyber security is a necessity and we have got you fully-covered.

Next Gen Anti-Virus
This bundle feature highly encourages a proactive Next-Gen Anti-Virus software that protects and detects high-class anti-virus threats. Your company can also benefit from having flexible controls of us managing your devices and installing shield-protective firewalls into your devices against cyber threats. Counter to its basic antivirus package counterpart, the Next Gen Anti-Virus bundle is more customizable to your business needs of minimizing virus threats and reporting malicious files that could endanger your data and information. It’s more intuitive, elegant, and most importantly, simple.

Threat Monitoring and Hunting
Our Threat Monitoring and Hunting bundle includes highly-specialized tools that aid in monitoring and tracking down threats. It allows the user to generate and track data, discover and identify real-time cyber threats, and provide solutions to those cyber threats. The feature also helps identify cyberattacks and creates risk assessments to help evaluate and assist organizations to create an action plan. Moreover, your company obtains the ability to oversee threats that are being investigated, how they were resolved, records its documentation, and only gets used when needed.

Forensic Analysis
With cyber threats becoming more sophisticated in successfully targeting potential victims with its cunning strategies, Bytagig offers a feature where a technique is used to devise and identify appropriate AI measures to prevent malware attacks and hacking by recognizing cyberattack’s predictive event times. This bundle feature program will allow you to quickly receive investigative reports regarding what event happened, the time it happened, and the stakeholders who were affected as well as to help speed up your response to the incidents.

24/7 Security Operations Team
We got your back on assisting your business with our 24/7 cybersecurity operations team. Our 24/7 team is always on high alert when it comes to watching, detecting, assessing, and responding appropriately to advanced threats. We ensure your precious time is protected for you to use for your other significant priorities as our security team uses real-time autonomous software to assemble and inspect dataflows to prevent potential cyberthreats interfering with your business.

Complete Network Security
Shared in-office workspaces. Home office workspace. Shared public workspaces that utilize shared or unmanaged networks. The purpose of having the Complete Network Security feature would be to provide your business and your employees (whether on-site or remote) with a secured cloud network platform that is cost-effective and productive such as increasing network visibility and traffic inspections. The secured cloud network platform is programmed to protect your work from unexpected cyber threats (i.e., malware, ransomware, phishing, etc.) as well as to promote business continuity — overcoming Internet outages, hardware failures, and natural disasters.

Advanced Spam Filtering
To dominate against the advanced cyber threats that are dangerously surrounding businesses, it’s vital to implement a cybersecurity software platform that is customized to integrate corporate-class protection (encryption and spam-detection), in-depth visibility (statistics on cyber threat activities), and security awareness training. Advanced Spam Filtering features these vital components to ensure your business solutions to be highly-sophisticated in protecting from impersonations as well as harmful email attachments and malware-contained URLs. We secure your day-to-day operations by monitoring your emails and software updates and help train your staff so your business can operate with confidence on a smooth-sailing basis without any security-related worries.

Cloud Email Backups
With so much business data and information within emails comes the risk of potential malware, ransomware, scams, and phishing. To defend against data loss and even corruption in the business operation, Bytagig offers a cloud email software, with an easy setup, supporting the ability to back up mailboxes, protecting your data and information in a secured environment with unlimited storage space, and simplifying compliance. A bonus feature for your company to benefit from is, when experiencing an accidental deletion of a file, you can still retrieve the file at any time!

Dark Web Scanning
Dark Web can be used for malicious purposes such as selling sensitive data and information — creating costly data breaches for victimized companies to pay. To prevent this costly catastrophe, our Dark Web Scanning service involves a monitoring software that provides the following: sends information/data compromise alerts as soon as a data breach happens, takes quick action within minutes, produces real-time data that has been investigated and ratified to deliver next steps of security measures, and quick and easy integrations and definite ticket resolutions.

Phishing Awareness Training
Phishing can be challenging to avoid since it’s advancely-created to look like a legit company email — potential for human error. We provide training customized towards bringing awareness to phishing activities. Your employees can take the advantage to learn, understand and apply hands-on tips on actions they should take when encountering phishing activities and lowering the rate of cybercrimes caused by human error. With quick and concise video training, short quizzes, phishing simulations, and employee training results — your company can take full control of defending not just your employee data but also customer/client data from cyber threats that could lead to costly data breaches.

Password Management
When having common passwords amongst your company’s usage in business applications and databases, you and your employees are at high risk of potential hacking activities. With our Password Management software, you have the advantage of locking your passwords in a secure vault, where only you and your company employees have respective access. Your company can also benefit from Password Management software when it comes to creating, viewing, and maintaining passwords across appropriate platforms/applications such as Adobe Creative Cloud, HubSpot, and QuickBooks accounts — all in one place.

Having antivirus software allows you to receive real-time reports on identifying and prioritizing risky factors such as misconfigurations on OS and software — making your workstations vulnerable to viruses. Bytagig can provide your company active protection to your workstations and servers (whether on-site or virtual). Significantly, your company can save more money than to hire more IT staff members as this antivirus console software can all-in-one update and monitor security activities for you. No more threats. No more losing valuable data and information.

With businesses increasingly using productivity tools to help run their operations, perpetrators are targeting these tools with malware. About 38% of malware is disguised in the appearance of a normal Word document and about 92% of malware cases happened inside of an email. In addition, about one-third of help desk calls made by companies today involve spyware problems (affecting computer functionality and speed performance). Our anti-malware/spyware software can defend against these threats. The software can perform a basic safety configuration (including repair functionality) for your devices. Your company can be able to activate manual security scans in order to obliterate malware from your operational systems.

Web Filtering
Businesses are assured of creating a safe work environment by only utilizing safe sites and content — preventing compromising company Internet use policies as well as avoiding being victims of malware- and ransomware-affected sites and content. With the Web Filtering service, we can help clean and check sites based on your unique business needs, creating a real-time blacklist of unsafe websites in regards to specific categories (i.e., gambling) and keywords (i.e., racial intolerance). When enforcing web filtering in your company, you get the advantage of saving thousands of dollars that would have otherwise been paying for data breaches or other types of cybercrimes. In addition, boosting your employee performance to satisfy business results.

Spam Filtering
One spam email can damage one large corporation. It is important to gear up against spam threats that are ready to spread dangerous content unleashing viruses and cyberattacks. With the Spam Filtering software using your email host, your company can make configurations and properly handle email affairs. Through the Spam Filtering software, your email host can perform checks and scans — in which one part involves having your emails reviewed and filtered, separating incoming emails that may have suspicious links, spam, etc. Moreover, it allows your company employees to safely abide by the company’s policies that no sensitive content nor malicious content are sent out without authorization.

Web Host Management
Bytagig can enforce automated backup and disaster recovery, increase effective security measures, and lower operating costs. Such updates would include changes in profile information with text records (i.e., web address, email address, keywords, etc.) and changing DNS (Domain Name System) records (i.e., update information on host names).

*Note: DNS is a system that attaches information to a name

Windows Update Management
As technology has become a central element among businesses, it’s important to ensure keeping up with new updates for your technology. Our Patch Management Automation software allows your Windows devices to automatically download its latest updated versions as well as set up compatible configurations to your devices. Having Patch Management Automation software can help solve vulnerabilities such as bug errors to make your third-party applications and devices run efficiently and productively without any costly interruptions or downtime.

Remote Monitoring and Alerts
With our world becoming more remote and virtual, businesses must ensure their consistency of productivity without costly interruptions from cybercriminals. This feature allows your business to monitor and document remote control sessions of who (i.e., your employee) is connected, how long they are connected, as well as being able to have a video recording (if desired). Also, you can customize the configurations of your devices and servers to promote cybersecurity. With the Remote Monitoring and Alerts service, your business can take the advantage of monitoring hardware alerts such as recent crashes, memory usage, and hard drive space usage.

Reduced Project Hourly Rate
Many IT Managed Service Providers can overprice a set number of hours in a bundle. You probably need only an adjustable few or a couple of hours of working with IT Managed Service Providers to help meet your business needs. With Bytagig, we offer an affordable non-plan rate that fits your unique needs. To add, being a current customer in our monthly subscription plan extends a discount offer on our hourly project rate for projects including server migrations and setting up new equipment. How neat is that!

File/Folder Backup
With a vast amount of information and data that businesses are using and storing in their respective devices, it’s vital to provide an effective platform where all the data and information is securely stored to prevent any nasty incidents that could cost your business. Utilizing cloud software can provide unlimited backup and secured protection for your data and information, especially if your business is currently using Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace. With cloud software can your business receive compliance support such as HIPAA, SOC 2, and GDPR. This also helps prevent ransomware attacks.

Remote Support
It can be a challenge to handle your business remotely as the routine changes are impacting you and your employees with a new different procedure. Having to cover many IT needs — i.e., communication, server support, tracking work productivity, scheduling meetings — can be overwhelming. With our Remote Support services, this will allow your business to focus on other significant priorities such as expanding and establishing relationships with your customer base.

IT Vendor Management
Nowadays, there are challenges in finding the right vendors to partner up with that can be meaningful and productive for your business to thrive. That’s why with our IT Vendor Management services, we can help your business by personally asking you to identify your unique IT business needs and matching you with the most efficient, and most fitting software vendor(s). Bytagig coordinates with other technology vendors so you don’t have to waste time running around to multiple vendors to get a resolution for troubleshooting, setup, and IT support. Learn more here for more details.

IT System Documentation
Documentation has never been so efficient. With IT System Documentation software, your business can take the advantage of maintaining transparency and consistency in order to move to a better future. It allows your business the ability to systemize and organize customer/client data in order to productively service and gain sales from high-ticket clients. Some features include (but are not limited to):

Completion Profile — helps notify what missing information of your clients needs to be filled out; and Engagement — helps monitor and drive results from real-time engagement amongst teams.

Network Device Monitoring
As businesses are increasingly doing work remotely, it’s significant to ensure proper execution when monitoring and protecting network devices. Such countermeasures would include protecting Wi-Fi and installing firewalls and servers. When working with public and/or unprotected Wi-Fi, you and your employees are at high risk of becoming victims of malicious activities such as compromising sensitive customer information. Applying the Network Device Monitoring service to your company would give you three main benefits:

ability to minimize potential risks — by monitoring, detecting, and alerting malicious activities, ability to maintain compliance — by protecting your data and information from data breaches, and ability to optimize performance — by responding to threats in real-time and preventing future threats.

After Hours Support
Does your company operate during nights and weekends? We offer phone support 24/7, 365 days a year for this specific reason! The After Hours Support program allows your company to address and satisfy your client needs in real-time and helps you set up SOP (standard operating procedures) to deliver quality assurance in performance and results, limiting non-value-added activities such as miscommunication and violating industry protocols. Having an effective After Hours Support program will increase your business’s chance of retaining customers and clients in the long run.

Microsoft 365 and Office 365
When choosing Microsoft 365, your productivity and efficiency will exponentially increase. The business premium package includes applications that are best suited for companies like yours that essentially need not just secure and collaboration tools, but also additional features such as device management and advanced threat protection. Such premium apps include the popular Word, PowerPoint, and Excel programs. And secure cloud applications that are only additionally included in the premium package, as opposed to its standard counter, would be Intune (that handles device and application management) and Azure Information Protection (helps secure your work, especially sensitive data). Get your Office 365 license with us today to get started!

Need more information on these services? Reach out today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Cyber Security Services Company

If you were looking for “cyber security companies near in Portland, San Diego & Boston,” we’re happy to tell you that you don’t have to look further. Here at Bytagig, we aim to provide you with all the solutions necessary to make your business as strong and safe as it can be for everyone.

As a managed security service provider, we want to ensure we’re as transparent as possible with our security operations and services, so if you have any additional questions about our service, check this section.

In essence, everyone needs managed cybersecurity services. Today, setting up your business correctly isn’t enough; you must pair it with a proper local/cloud security program that allows you to identify any risks and provide a fast incident response.

Relying on antivirus programs and firewalls isn’t enough anymore. You need proper security monitoring based on top-of-the-line threat intelligence, allowing you to keep your business running smoothly.

Not setting up reliable security operations within your business will result in a slow incident response, which can lead to many data breaches. Even small businesses are at risk of losing essential data if they don’t get managed security services.

Overall, the need for managed cyber security services has become more important every year, especially due to the use of cloud software. Attackers have become more sophisticated at planning breaches, so if you don’t have 24/7 monitoring and incident response, you will be at risk of losing important data.

Thankfully, the team at Bytagig has created the perfect plan for you to ensure smooth security operations and a safer work platform overall. Whether you need enterprise managed detection and response services or vulnerability management for a small business, we got you covered.

We will evaluate your current IT systems, and then, we’ll walk you through all our managed security services.

Knowing when you need to schedule managed detection and response services is easier than you may think. Most of the time, you can’t handle your cybersecurity alone, especially if you own a small business. Even if you have a big company, spending internal resources for managed detection and response to threats may not be ideal.

Thankfully, our managed detection/treatment services are here to help. Ideally, you should contact us as soon as possible to address any vulnerabilities quickly. Otherwise, you risk your business credential and other sensitive data getting sold on the Dark Web, which can easily become a problem.

Investing in your company’s cybersecurity will give you the upper hand and ensure you’re better prepared for any potential cyberattacks that may come around. Attackers are always on the lookout for new victims, so the best thing you can do is protect your assets right away.

Are you looking for “cyber security near me” and don’t know which company to choose? We may have the solution you’re looking for. Overall, our cyber security support services cover a wide range of companies regardless of their size, and that’s because of our security bundle.

Our “Cyber Security Bundle” includes every tool you can think of to ensure your (and your team’s) safety. From professional anti-virus software to access to a 24/7 security operations team, we’ll ensure you don’t have to worry about attackers anymore.

If you’re not sure if we’re the right fit for you, schedule a free consultation today! We’ll gladly walk you through our entire process to give you peace of mind.

Proper IT solutions improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Bytagig’s team of tech experts can assess your needs and develop plans in networking, computing, and web systems for maximum results, tailored to fit your budget and IT concerns.