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Portland IT Services Can Help Prevent Cyber Attack

Cyber attack is a scary notion that plagues many businesses around the globe. It is indeed no a good occurrence to lose loads of company data due to malicious attacks on your network, and your company system could possibly be crippled by heartless hackers who turned Information Technology into a sport. And since you are a businessman and not a skilled IT, you need the assistance of the best Portland IT services company to help you battle against the cruelty of cyber criminals and win against them in the war of technology and brilliance in the strategies using computers, software, network, system, and much more. With a reliable IT support by your side, you can survive the battle and be victorious because you already have the know-how on how to prevent cyber attacks, thanks to the aid of your highly skilled Portland IT services.

Small businesses are not safe

Never for a second believe that cyber attacks happen only on bog corporations because the fact is, cyber criminal are more successful in targeting small businesses because they are more lax and complacent with their security. So if your business is a medium enterprise, then you absolutely need to hire the most highly regarded Portland IT services in the country. The fact of the matter is, hackers are always on the lookout for companies that builds a not so solid resistance against outside malicious intrusions. And sad to say, small companies fall into the trap and they end up losing a lot. Think of hiring a n IT support as an investment that you definitely must spend money on. Because if you have miscalculated your network security and foolishly believe that your computer firewall is enough to keep hackers away, then you are dead wrong. Without an IT support to monitor your network and secure your system, your business is actually inviting cyber criminals to come and feast on your confidential data, documents, company files, and more. So do not provoke the brilliance of hackers by investing in a highly skilled team of IT support services and protect your network at all cost.

Cyber attacks can cripple a business

One of the main reason why small businesses are often targeted by cyber criminals is the fact that large corporations are spending thousands of dollars in network security, while small businesses often disregard the fact that they need optimum security for their business. More often than not, small companies treat each employee as family, and they establish trust in their offices. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with a trusting environment, but what is not right is to let your network security lack the stability and strictness that your company needs. If a disgruntled employee who was fired thinks about getting back at you, then your business can be crippled since that employee can easily hack into your system and destroy every file you have. Or, he can intentionally open your network for attack so cyber criminals can get inside and exploit your data. So by preventing a huge disaster to happen, sign a contract with a trustworthy Portland IT services and make your network more secure.

Methods to thwart cyber attacks

Your IT support team is your best defense against cyber attacks, and by having them on your side, you can prevent the potential intrusion to your network through the following:

1. Your IT support team can train your management team, all employees, and everyone who has a part in your company regarding the principles, protocols, and  all information about cyber security. Knowledge against the threats to your network is indeed the best shield against the attempts of hackers to infiltrate your network.

2. It is ideal to constantly update your software, system, and everything that has to do with your business digital aspect. Your IT support can make the updates happen whenever needed, and so you no longer need to worry about antispyware or antivirus software that are not updated.

3. Every company with computers must always use a computer firewall in every device, and your technical support team can make sure that all your devices are safely protected.

4. As soon as the new operating systems or software are available, your reliable Portland IT services can download them for your company to ensure that your system is updated and can compete with your competitors in the same wavelength.

5. It is crucial to have a data backup system for all your data because you never know when there bad things happen. Trust that your IT support can handle the data backup for you, as long as you have a membership with a cloud-based system.

6. Let your IT support manage the security of all your hardware, computers, servers, and other devices that are connected to your network, as well as everything that is linked to your network components.

7. Ask your IT support to hide your network from the public eye, and to make your company network extremely strong, safe, and stable so hackers cannot infiltrate your system and will not cripple your business. Always remember that it is very hard to rise up after a successful cyber attack.

8. Your Portland IT services must be very good at what they do, and they can create individual protected accounts for each of the people in your company. These accounts have their own username and passwords, and all must keep their information to themselves and never share them, even to their loved ones or friends.

9. It is best to restrict the access of the employees depending on their level of security in your company. Give access to higher management level for important data, but limit the access to some sections of the network to those who are in the need to know basis only.

10. Allow your dedicated Portland IT services to facilitate the regular changing of employee passwords. This is highly beneficial to keep old passwords discarded and never be exploited.

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