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Portland IT Services and Facts About Cybercrime

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The internet is a fun and exciting technology that mostly consumes the time of every single person in this world. It brings us joy to gain access to the world outside our own, and see places we have never been before. The internet is indeed an eye opener that we need, and it allows us to communicate with people all around the world with just a touch of our fingertips. However, the internet is also a scary place especially when you do not know how to protect your computer and other devices against the onslaught of cyber attacks. That is the main reason why you need to assistance of a Portland IT services company to safeguard your computer against the bad intentions of cyber criminals.

Cyber attacks on individuals

Do not delude yourself from the fact that hackers also targets individual and private computers. You do not need to be a scientist, banker, politician, powerful business person, CEO, or any other significant people in the industry to get hacked. You simply need to have a bank account, credit card, and personal information to be alluring to the eyes of hackers. Cyber criminals do not only target big corporations, small companies, or government offices. They also launch their attacks on individuals, so always be aware of how your computer is protected by consulting a Portland IT services company regarding the security of your computer and other devices.

How do you define cybercrime?

Cybercrime is an act of criminal behavior that is done digitally or online, where the hackers target the networks, system, computers, and other devices of companies, organizations, businesses, and individual computers. This act of cyber attack mostly involves identity theft and security breaches, and it can happen to you if you are not being careful with your computer. There are so many forms of cybercrimes, and the most common acts are cyber stalking, revenge porn, sexual exploitation of a child, cyber bullying, credit card theft, and harassment. Hackers, terrorists, and other individuals or groups who have a cold and dark heart use the internet to cause harm to others, cripple businesses, harass people, and more criminal acts in order to satisfy their own personal dark agendas that serves no one else except their selfish intentions. And to prevent yourself from becoming their next victim, let your chosen Portland IT services company handle your computer security.

Preventive measures against cybercrime

Once you have the aid of a reliable IT support, they will surely advise you to perform the following in order to prevent cybercrimes from happening to you. Pay close attention to their suggestions, as they will be doing all these preventive measures together with you.

1. Create the strongest password only for your computer, phone, tablet, and other devices. Make sure that you keep your password hidden and never save them in your computer. You will only give hackers an opportunity to access all your devices if you save them digitally. Also, change your passwords to all your online financial transactions into something that even your closest family can ever guess. And change your password regularly so no one can guess it, and if your old password is discovered, at least it will not work anymore. If you want, ask advise from your Portland IT services team on how to create strong passwords.

2. Choose the most reliable internet security suite in the industry today. You cannot leave the security of your computer to a free internet security and expect your computer to be completely shielded from cyber attacks. Invest in your computer security, especially if you are doing your banking, shopping, and other financial activities using your computer.

3. With the job of your chosen IT support, your software is always updated to the latest version. It is crucial to have an update whenever it is available, because cyber criminals are known to look for common vulnerabilities and they tend to ride the flow with the flaws in your outdated computer software.

4. Be wary of the settings for your social media accounts. The world is always online and people are posting everything personal about themselves without really minding how their personal information can be exploited by cyber criminals. And so keep your social media account settings private, and avoid answering questions like the name of your pet or maiden name of your mother.

5. Make it harder for hackers to achieve entry to your home network by making the password of your Wi-Fi hard to guess. You can ask assistance from your Portland IT services team to help you out. But the rule is simple. Do not include any information about you in your network password. Make a password that is so farfetched, your own mother cannot even guess the possibility of it. But of course, you must share your network password to your housemates, but never share them with your neighbors. And change the network password at least twice a month just to on the safe side.

6. You need to understand that identity theft can happen to anyone, even to you. So as much as you can, do not reveal all your plans on social media, and keep some mystery to yourself. In fact, try not to share personal information about you, because there are so many hackers out there who can steal your personal identification and use them, or sell your identity to another individual. So make sure that your Portland IT services secures your computer and digital accounts so cyber criminals cannot steal your identity.

7. If, for some reason that you did fall victim to a cybercrime, you need to know that the FBI is there to help you out, as well as the Federal Trade Commission. You are not alone, and you will always have your family, friends, and the government to help make things right. Most of all, you have your Portland IT services company to ensure that your computer and accounts are safe, no cybercrime happen.

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