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Portland IT Services Advantages of Hiring Fresh Graduates

Your Portland IT services company is filled with experienced ITs who are dedicated with their jobs, and they are great with what they do. However, it is also beneficial to hire fresh Information Technology graduates to work for you. There are so many benefits in hiring a novice in the IT industry, though no one can really blame you for doubting their IT skills they are untested and they have no experience in the past. But if you can open your mind and doors to the fresh graduates, you will surely realize that your decision is best. After all, you were a fresh graduate once, and if someone did not take a chance on you, you would never have come to where you are now. So take a chance, and who knows, the new graduate ITs that you hire now will made a huge positive change in your IT service company. Let us explore the main reasons why you should consider hiring novice ITs to be part of your successful Portland IT services company.

Enthusiasm to learn

New ITs are incredibly enthusiastic to learn, and they suck up new information like a sponge. They have energy to work harder, since they are quite happy with landing a new job in the Information Technology world. And because of their enthusiasm to learn new things, they will show their devotion to you and to your company by working harder than anyone else in the company. They would volunteer for odd jobs and watch and observe carefully how the pros are handling IT services. Fresh ITs have the capability to learn new things easily, and they are absorbing everything they learn in order to sue them in perfecting their new jobs. And so with the refreshing enthusiasm of your new ITs, your whole Portland IT services company can learn from their joyous personalities and start to enjoy their jobs more and be happy about them. After all, enthusiasm is quite contagious and because of that, your whole company will work even harder to be more productive.

Uncorrupted mind

Without a single doubt, hiring fresh IT graduates is a good idea, because they have such an uncorrupted minds that many experienced ITs so not have when they transfer from one IT service company to another. The new ITs can be taught well and they will absorb every single detail of your teachings by heart. In fact, you can become their mentor and their hero, and they will forever regard you with the highest of respect because you mentored them and taught them what they need to know in order to succeed in the complex world of Information Technology service support. So not only will you gain new members of your Portland IT services company, but you gain fans as well.

Eagerness to prove worthy

The best thing about newbies in the IT industry is their passion and dedication to prove to you that you are not wrong in choosing them. They will forever be thankful for giving them a chance to prove their worth, and so this leads to a more productive services to your clients. The new ITs will always have something to prove, especially when they work with the best ITs in the country. They simply cannot allow their zero experience in the IT service world to bring their names down. They will work and provide IT services harder than anyone else. And this can actually lead to a healthy competition in your Portland IT services company. Of course, the experience ITs will not allow their pride to be jeopardized by the newbies, so they will work harder as well. And that beautiful harmony of friendly competition makes your company more productive, and your clients will end up very happy with your services.

Fresh passion for IT work

Passion is indeed needed for ITs in this line of work. Experienced ITs tend to view their jobs as routine, and they sometimes cannot find excitement in their work anymore, though they absolutely stay productive and a master of the IT support business. However, fresh IT graduates are more passionate since they are still quite new to the IT world. You can see the excitement in their faces, and you can feel how much they want to work and prove themselves to be worthy of the opportunity to work for your Portland IT services company. And with their fresh passion and how they look at things, your whole IT team can learn from them and actually be reminded of why they become ITs in the first place. SO bring in the new young faces to your company, and let their passion infect others so your IT services can greatly improve.

Modern strategies

The most important thing that new IT graduates can bring to your IT service company is a fresh view on things. They have just graduated, and they have so many new things that they learned from school and they can impart those learning to your company. Of course, your company is always updated with the latest trends in Information Technology, but having a fresh mind is helpful too. Since they are also the youngest members of your Portland IT services company, they have the ability to suggest new ideas that are in line with the modern world.


As a successful owner of an IT service company, it is in your discretion whether or not to hire a newbie IT into your business. What you need to do is weigh in the pros and cons of doing so, and make a wise decision according to your analysis of the advantages and disadvantages. However, based on the benefits discussed above, it is no doubt that hiring fresh IT graduates is absolutely beneficial for your Portland IT services company. You just need to remember that every IT needs that once chance to prove their skills. Every IT deserves an opportunity to work.

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