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One Cybersecurity Consulting Portland Oregon for Two Companies

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The fact is, one cybersecurity consulting in Portland, Oregon, can cater to more than one company at one time. Their business exists by providing cybersecurity services to their many valued clients, not only one. So it can happen that the IT security consulting firm that you hired for your company is also providing the same set of cybersecurity services to your industry’s competitors and other types of businesses. And though this does sound scary to most, this kind of cybersecurity provision is quite normal in the world. Truly, you simply cannot expect one cybersecurity consulting company to have only one client – your company. That is mostly unrealistic and unfair for the other party as well.

Unless your business is exceedingly financially stable and you can afford to hire the whole cybersecurity consulting firm in Portland, Oregon, to handle your cybersecurity and get exclusive rights to all their services, it’s impractical. Of course, that kind of move will definitely cost a fortune for your business and it is absolutely not realistic at all. But you can still go this route if you truly believe that you need exclusivity to protect your company from any cyberattacks and data leakage.

Why cybersecurity consulting companies have many clients

In the business world, all types of companies must cater to a variety of clients in order to survive and earn more than enough profit to pay for their employees’ wages and compensations, utility bills, and daily production of the company. And this process does not exclude IT security consulting companies. They, too, need to earn a living, and so they cater to more than one company and offer their cybersecurity services to many companies in the world, regardless of if they are in the same industry or not.

Earn money

In a nutshell, companies are established in order to earn money. That is, cybersecurity consulting firm Bytagig is offering its services to all companies, including possible competitors. There is absolutely no use in building a company if there is barely enough profit to get going. It is not worth establishing a business either that gets by with recovering the capital only and earning a slight revenue. And this is something that you can truly understand since you have a company yourself. You created your business expecting to offer your products and services to thousands of consumers, and not just one. And this leads to earning a lot of profit, which is your primary goal. So you cannot expect that your IT security consulting firm will only have you as their client in the same industry.

They have the right to take in more clients as long as they can handle the numbers and provide an excellent quality of cybersecurity services.

Share their expertise with the world

Cybersecurity is a crucial aspect of every business, and it is best to hire only the best cybersecurity consulting firm in the country. However, being the best entails that they are sharing their expertise

with other companies that need their highly skilled cybersecurity services, and so you need to understand why your competitors and other industries are utilizing the same cybersecurity services as you are. The IT security consulting firms do need to share what they can offer to many companies in order to help the whole industry with their digital security. And by working for different businesses in varying industries, they can further enhance their knowledge and skills, which they can use to provide a much better service to your business.

They have many cybersecurity consultants

Cybersecurity consulting companies vary in the number of IT professionals in their company. And if they have multiple cybersecurity consultants working for them, then it follows that they will expand their clientele in order to maximize their people and provide their cybersecurity services to many companies. This usually happens when the IT security consulting company is large, and they have more than enough employees to handle two or more companies. What they typically do is divide their cybersecurity professionals into teams where each team handles different clients. But each member of the team is mindful of all the legalities and secrecy of each of their clients, so they will always take care of your business with utter respect and confidentiality as they do with their other clients.

They want to hone their skills

In providing cybersecurity services, the IT security consulting companies aim to hone their skills even more, and the best way to do that is to gain experience from different industries and perfect their skills in providing penetration tests and resolutions to the networks and systems of their clients. They need to do the best they can, so they can stay on top of their game because they are not the only cybersecurity consulting firm in Portland, Oregon.


It is absolutely understandable why you are hesitant at the idea that your competitor gets the same cybersecurity services as you do. But you simply need to trust that the IT security consulting company that you hired is smart enough and professional enough to keep your company data confidential at all costs. They know that their reputation is at stake, so they will do everything they can to make sure that your confidential files are well protected. And they will surely not leak any company data to your competitors. Your new cybersecurity consulting team will work hard to keep your network and system safe from black hat hackers, and they will provide the same quality of service to their clients. They have no favorites, so they will do their job well and exercise their skills in making your business truly prosper. And they can do all that without compromising the integrity of their company and without jeopardizing your company secrets. While it is good to be extra careful, allow your chosen cybersecurity consulting firm in Portland, Oregon, to handle all your cybersecurity concerns.

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