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Managed IT Support Portland Basic Facts To Know

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The managed IT Support Portland has to offer for all businesses in the country is created with detailed precision and with network protection and security in mind. It is an overall service where you only need to pay a reasonable monthly fee for a general technical support services that your company badly needs. You may think that a managed IT service is too expensive and you will up in the losing side, but you are dead wrong. This kind of IT service is the best decision that you can ever make for your company. You are paying a fix fee for an IT service that can get complicated especially when cybersecurity is at stake. To help you understand managed IT service better, let us explore the basic facts about this service and let us see if at the end you are still unconvinced of the necessity of this IT support.

High answer rate for live calls

If you are engaged in an important meeting or if your company is working on something crucial for the growth of the business and suddenly your system fails, you are in big trouble. But if you have a managed IT Support Portland, you know that when you pick up your phone and call IT, they will answer right away and find resolution for your technical issue. You don’t have to wait long to get your problem fixed, unlike when you don’t have manages IT service. If you rely on on-call ITs to help you with your technical concern, then you would need to wait on the line, wait for them to check the availability of their ITs, and wait for resolution to happen. But with managed IT service, waiting is not an option. You get what you need right away.

High rate for remote resolution

Your managed IT Support Portland can resolve your technical issues instantly without the need to come over and fix things for your business. Remote resolution is the key to their success, and you no longer need to wait for a technician to come over, check the problem, test solutions, and ask another technical support for help. By having a dedicated IT on your beck and call, the remote resolution rate for your business grows higher.

Tiered technical support

One of the best aspects of having a managed IT Support Portland has produced is to have a tiered technical support that can handle different issues as they occur. The tiering happens in order to ensure that all committed members of the IT support team has their own task designation to counter cyber attacks, and prevent hackers from entering your system. The managed IT service team have different yet related expertise that each member can contribute to the whole team. And each knows a lot about the other’s expertise so they can fill in in case the other is not available, which is rarely the case for popular and sought-after managed IT services company in the country.

Live monitoring

Once you have managed IT Support Portland, your whole system is under monitoring every second of every day. You no longer need to worry about leaving the office, since you know that your IT service support team is there to watch over the safety and security of your company. You can definitely sleep better with confidence that when you come to the office the next morning, everything is good with your system, network, data backup, and your company’s technical side in general. And so whenever a technical issue occur, your IT support team will get wind of it and work on fixing it immediately. They have the power and tools to do just that even without your permission, since they need to act fast to safeguard your network. And that is one of the things that makes managed IT service invaluable. Their ability to monitor every second of your system, and take action so the issue will not escalate to something bigger.

Daily IT service

Having a managed IT Support Portland is absolutely much better than not having one at all. If you intend to call for IT service just whenever a problem occurs, you are not actually saving money since the on-call IT company only resolves current problems, and for a fixed one time fee. But, with a managed IT service, you have daily technical support that can handle different kinds of IT issues for the same cost every month. No matter how intense or complicated your IT issues has become, you can always count on your dedicated managed IT service team to fix them all for you without additional cost than what is already agreed for a monthly basis. So be smart about this and think about it as in the long run basis. If you can calculate how much it cost to hire on-call ITs in a month compared to hiring a managed IT service for a month but with daily service, you will realize that you are saving money with the latter.

24/7 availability

When you set up for a managed IT Support Portland, you know that they are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They are always there, though they of course would have a shifting schedule. You can always count on their dedication to keep your system up and running without any trouble. And if technical issues occur, they are always there to provide resolution, no matter how complex or easy the technical concern is. Your reliable IT support is there to guard your network from hackers and they have the tools and expertise to fight off cyber criminals who wishes to take control and take advantage of your system. So when you have managed IT service for your company, you know that your business is in good hands. And it is good to know that even if you are not guarding your priced company, professional ITs are there to ward off evil cyber criminals.

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