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Managed IT Services Portland: All About Ransomware

Managed IT Services Portland


Managed IT Services Portland is comprehensive support that involves a third-party IT services provider. From the IT company, various teams of information technology professionals are trained to work remotely while monitoring and handling the cybersecurity of their assigned company. And one of the primary concerns of the group of information technology professionals is the malicious software called Ransomware. The IT industry takes Ransomware very seriously, mainly because millions of dollars were lost due to the ransomware cyberattacks caused by black hat hackers. This kind of malicious software works by taking hold of the computers and does not allow the users to access their own data, applications, and everything inside the infected computers. The only way to release the computers from Ransomware is to pay off the ransom payment demand. And so, in order for your company to be free from ransomware malware, there needs to be a team of information technology professionals who are more intelligent than cyber criminals and who can prevent a ransomware attack through their jobs in a Managed IT Services Portland. And in many cases, the ransomware malware is delivered to the target computers through a phishing email, vulnerable software, and remote desktop protocol. 

How To Identify Ransomware

Ransomware has two types, and every company should learn about them in order to determine what kind of Ransomware is attacking the system. 

Locker Ransomware

The locker ransomware malware is designed to block the basic functionalities of the target computers. This means that this kind of ransomware can hinder access to the user in terms of the desktop by not allowing the keyboard and the mouse to function fully. Through this partial blocking of access, the users can still choose to communicate with the demands of the black hat hackers by selecting the options provided on the computer screen regarding payment of the ransom demand. But aside from the possibility of choosing to pay for the ransom, the user cannot do anything else on the infected computers. That is why it is needed for every business to hire the best team of information technology professionals to handle a Managed IT Services Portland in order to prevent a locker ransomware cyberattack. Basically, the malicious locker software has a goal of generally just locking out the users from the use of the computers. Thankfully, this kind of Ransomware does not target the damage or destruction of your company’s data, files, and applications. The primary purpose of this malware is simply to block the users from access to the computers.

Crypto Ransomware

Crypto ransomware malware is the dangerous one. This malicious software is created by black hat hackers with the intention of encrypting the sensitive files, data, videos, photos, and documents of the target computers. However, crypto-ransomware does not block any of the functionality of computers. This malware causes extreme panic to the users simply because the users can actually see that their data, documents, files, videos, and images are there on the computer storage. Still, there is nothing the users can do since they cannot access anything. And with this kind of Ransomware, there is usually a display of a timer for countdown purposes. There is a message on the screen saying that if the users do not pay the ransom demand, then the Ransomware will destroy all files, data, documents, and everything inside the computers. And thee ITs in a Managed IT Services Portland can help. But due date is displayed, and the timer keeps counting until the demand price is paid. The sad part is most victims pay the ransom, especially if they have sensitive data on their company computers. 

Examples Of Ransomware

There are some examples of Ransomware that you should be aware of. By understanding how black hat hackers made a success out of Ransomware, your employees can help prevent Ransomware together with the team of information technology professionals in a Managed IT Services Portland.


Lucky was used as a ransomware attack in 2016, and this malware encrypted over 160 files, and this malicious software was delivered through fake emails. 


In 2017, the WannaCry Ransomware was designed to touch more than 150 countries in order to exploit the weaknesses and flaws of the Windows operating system. As a result, 230,000 computers from all around the globe were infected. 

Red Rabbit

The drive-by cyberattacks in 2017 were responsible for the spread of the Bad Rabbit ransomware. This malicious software works by infecting a legitimate website that has been exploited by black hat hackers. This kind of Ransomware tricks the users into running a fake installation of a seemingly legit application or opening a page that has been compromised. To stop or prevent this kind of malware, your company needs a team of ITs from a third-party IT team in a Managed IT Services Portland. 


It was in August 2018 when an encryption trojan called Ryuk was spread to various computers and hindered the functionality of the Windows OS to recover data and everything else. Due to this kind of ransomware malware, the computers lost the ability to recover lost files and data. This malware also blocked the hard disks of the network. 


In 2015, the Shade or Troldesh ransomware malware attack that was delivered through spam emails. Usually, the emails include suspicious file attachments or URLs that, when clicked or downloaded, the Ransomware is released into the computers.


 The start of Jigsaw ransomware attack was in 2016, and it all started with a photo of a famous puppet. This malware worked by deleting files and data every 60 minutes so that the users did not pay the ransom demand. Plus, the black hat hackers used a horror movie photo that simply adds to the horror of the users in losing their files. And to make sure that none of these examples happen to your company, then hire the best team of information technology professionals to deliver the most outstanding Managed IT Services in Portland.

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