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Managed IT Services Boston is an IT support that your company cannot afford not to have. The third-party IT providers have brilliant, experienced, and highly skilled information technology professionals who can manage your cybersecurity and make absolutely sure that your data is protected from black hat hackers. The ITs work in a remote manner, but they are always watching and monitoring all day and night, and every second there is always a team of ITs fixing technical issues as they come. And one of the concerns of businesses is the existence of a computer worm. 

What Is A Computer Worm?

A computer worm is a malicious software that does not need the interaction or action of the computer users in order to replicate or spread to other computers. That is why you need a team of intelligent information technology professionals who are skilled in handling computer worms through their job in a Managed IT Services Boston. A computer worm jumps from one computer to another through the use of an Internet connection or Local Area Network or LAN. And in the malware world, the trojan horse is closely related to the computer worm. After all, they are both malicious software or came from the same malware family. 

Connection Of Trojan Horse And Computer Worm

As a brief background, a trojan horse is a deceiving malware that fools people into downloading the application, software, or files in order to release the hiding malware into the target computer. Ina nutshell, a trojan horse, appears to be genuine, but they are dangerous on the inside. And the computer worm is actually a kind of trojan malware that depends on the vulnerabilities of users in order to cause destruction in the files, documents, applications, and software on the infected company computer. With the collaboration of the trojan malware and computer worm, there is really a significant risk of cyberattacks through this malware, and your data is at stake. And so it is wise to hire a third-party IT team of information technology professionals to deliver exceptional, efficient, and powerful Managed IT Services in Boston. 

Methods For Worms To Spread

Like other malicious software, a computer worm is installed and spread on company computers in many ways. Let us check the most common methods of black hat hackers to deliver this kind of malware. 

Phishing Emails

Black hat hackers usually utilize phishing emails in order to send a computer worm to their target companies. Most of the time, a suspicious email comes into your inboxes, and if your employees are not aware of what phishing emails are, then then they are likely to download the file attachments or open the URL included in the emails. When this happens, then the computer worm is released and starts to spread to other computers. Fortunately, your company can escape this fiasco by hiring the most efficient team of information technology professionals that perform a Managed IT Services Boston. 


Through the use of shared network access, the computer worm can be delivered to the work computers. And so, it is crucial for your company to be wary of a shared network. Allow the remote IT team to triple-check your shared network processes in order to make sure that every connection is safe and secure. 

Security Holes

The black hat hackers are constantly seeking vulnerabilities in cybersecurity and insert a computer worm malicious software. The malware is inserted into the vulnerabilities of outdated software. That is why it is imperative that all software programs and applications must be updated at all times. The security holes in your company are doorways for the cybercriminals to enter and send their malicious software, such as a computer worm. 

File Sharing

Peer-to-peer sharing is a common practice that seems harmless, but in reality, it is dangerous. That is why all information technology professionals advise against this practice, especially those who are working in a Managed IT Services Boston. Peer-to-peer sharing networks are filled with files, documents, movies, software, applications, photos, and other data that are embedded with a computer worm and all other malicious software such as trojan horses, viruses, bots, botnets, fileless malware, rootkits, and more. So make sure that all your employees refrain from using the file-sharing websites anymore, at least not while they are inside your company premises and using your work network. 

External Devices 

Hundreds of companies do not allow the use of removable or external devices on work computers. The main reason for that is the fact that black hat hackers have ways to insert whatever malware they want to deliver to the target companies using removable devices. You need to know that a computer worm can be transferred to your company computers with the use of a USB stick and other removable media. 

What Damages Can Computer Worms Bring?

Computer worms are absolutely malicious, and they are capable of doing significant damage to the infected computers. In detail, here are what they can bring to the work computers:

  • ITs in a Managed IT Services Boston knows that a computer worm is capable of installing other malicious software on the infected computers, such as a ransomware, spyware, and more. 
  • Computer worms can exhaust the bandwidth of the network and computers.
  • Black hat hackers can utilize the computer worms to delete, steal, copy, and destroy computer files. 
  • Computer worms can overwhelm the network by creating false traffic, and that leads to a denial of service.
  • Computer worms can create a backdoor for the black hat hackers so they can come back anytime and do their worst. 
  • Computer worms can also exhaust the space of hard drives in the infected computers. 

 Without a doubt, a computer worm can destroy the network, files, and systems. This kind of malware must not be taken for granted because it can cost your company too much money. Thankfully, you have the option to hire the most capable IT support provider in the land and trust in a reliable team of information technology professionals in a Managed IT Services Boston. 

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