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IT Support Portland Why You Must Never Share Your Password

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IT support Portland professionals has seen it all in the digital world. They know that sharing your password with your boyfriend is absolutely a bad idea. Yes, they understand that love conquers all and in love sharing everything is a requirement for many couples, but do not include your passwords in that equation.  There should be a limit as to what you and your boyfriend can share, because the thing is if you share everything, then the mystery is gone. There is nothing left to be excited about, since you basically know each other in every detail of your lives. And of course, you would know everything because when you have each other’s passwords to your email and social media accounts, you both will spend hours checking out everything there is to find in your accounts, even information that has been around for years before you even met. And as for the reliable IT support Portland professionals, sharing passwords is not good. Aside from the cybersecurity issue, sharing passwords can lead to big fights because you both can uncover secrets that you are hiding from each other, especially about clingy exes and admirers.

Why password sharing is not advisable in a relationship

When you are in a relationship, of course you want your partnership to work. And sadly, most of the time couples seem to test the loyalty of the other partner by demanding their passwords to email and social media accounts. This is a practice that has been done all over the world, which is definitely not good. Let us look at the reasons why you should refrain from giving your passwords to your boyfriend or to anyone else for that matter.

Unintentional exposure

If you give your password to your boyfriend to create an environment of trust, there is a huge possibility that he will not be as careful as you are when it comes to safeguarding your passwords. It is extremely prohibited by IT support Portland to share passwords for many reasons. Your beloved boyfriend could sign in to your accounts using a computer at work, or worst, use an internet café to check your accounts. Or, your boyfriend can use his mobile phone, tablet, or laptop in a public area where he connects to a public Wi-Fi. Here are the problems with these scenarios:

  • When your boyfriend signs in to his work computer, he could accidentally leave your accounts open and not log out from it. We all know that we sometimes care less with accounts that are not ours, so if your boyfriend leaves your account open, hackers can access your account, even inside his work network.
  • Internet cafes are super not safe to use for accessing social media accounts or emails, especially if your boyfriend accidentally saves your password on the café computer, or leave the premises without logging out of your account. The next user can potentially access your account and mess things up. Your account can be hold hostage, and so it is really suggested by IT support Portland professionals to not share your passwords to anyone, no matter how much you love them.
  • Using a public Wi-Fi is not a good thing, because hackers do love to stroll around public areas and find vulnerable devices. If your boyfriend logs in to your accounts using an unsecured network, then hackers can easily find their way into your accounts and steal what they need from your account, and exploit your personal information for their own personal profit.

Revenge by your ex

Another major reason why you should not give your boyfriend access is to your accounts is revenge. In case it did not work out between you two, your boyfriends can take revenge on you for breaking his heart or for not sticking with him after all his mistakes. He can take his revenge by exposing your private videos and photos together in your social media accounts in order to shame you. IT support Portland professionals had seen this scenario so many times, and so they know that it never ends up good when you share your passwords to your boyfriend. And in order to protect yourself, get yourself together and as soon as the breakup happen, or even before it is finalized, you must change your passwords immediately to cease his access to your accounts. No matter how painful it is or how heartbroken you are, make it a point to change your passwords.

Banking details exploitation

You may have seen this in a lot of movies, but there are actually men, even women, who engage in relationships with other people in order to gain access to their bank account. And so if you are loaded financially, then you need to protect yourself from the worst scenario of your boyfriend stealing all your money. If you share your passwords with him because you love him and trust him, then you are at a great loss if he uses your relationship to take advantage of your money. Good if he is not like that, but according to your friendly IT support Portland professionals, you must always be cautious about people, even loved ones, who are so itchy in knowing all your personal details, passwords, and gain access to your bank accounts. If love is real, then you should trust each other and not share passwords.

Final say

Love is indeed a mysterious thing, and it cannot be explains sometimes. But the sharing of password is totally not a good idea, and the explanation is simple and straightforward for that. You must never share your passwords for your own safety, no matter how much love you have in your heart for your boyfriend. If your boyfriend wants transparency in your relationship, then log in and let him see your account but never give him the passwords. Relationships sometimes do not last, but the damage lasts forever, as for the IT support Portland.

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