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IT Support Portland What is Ethical Hacking and The Procedure?

IT support Portland hugely support ethical hacking because it is a method of breaching a network with the permission of the company owner. This process is done by white hat backers or what are also called ethical hackers. These hackers are technically good, and they have no malicious intentions in attempting to breach the network of their clients.

Reasons for engaging in ethical hacking

Companies all over the world are subjecting their networks and systems to ethical hacking because it is highly beneficial for them. Here let us discuss the roles of ethical hackers:

  • White hat hackers are responsible for providing precautionary measures to businesses. Companies are always facing cyber threats from black hat hackers, and they are constantly under pressure to solidify their company’s cybersecurity.
  • It is the job of the ethical hackers to find vulnerabilities in your network and system in order to come up with a technical resolution to fix the problem. And so a reliable IT support Portland performs a cyber assault on their client’s business, and look for weaknesses that the black hat hackers can exploit for their own benefit.
  • The ethical hackers are tasked to deal mostly with framework threats. It is their job to find ways to repair whatever damage they find, and to make sure that no cyber attack can happen.

White hat hackers or ethical hackers exist in the world because they serve a greater purpose. They may be categorized as hackers and they are followed by the stigma of evil hackers, but they are very helpful in preventing cyber crimes from happening to any network or system.

Procedures for ethical hacking

You already know that ethical hacking is a common practice in companies all over the world, and it is agreed upon by the company’s head of cybersecurity, management, and business owners. And in many cases, the authorities and government even are involved for the grant of permission for white hat hackers to breach a network or system. So now let us look at the usual procedure that is carried out when ethical hacking is performed by the most trustworthy IT support Portland.

1. Your company must have a solid reason for believing that your confidential company data is at risk from cyber criminals. Though you can indulge in ethical hacking anytime you want without probable cause, you need to understand that there are risks in this procedure, though minimal. But of course the decision is up to you.

2. Once you have decided to subject your network and system to ethical hacking, you need to choose the most reliable white hat hacker to perform the job. You must do your diligent research and find the best ethical hacker that is trusted by many companies in the country. You simply cannot use any white hat hacker because some may be carrying that title, but they are not practicing the policies of an ethical hacker.

3. Upon finding the best IT support Portland to perform the ethical hacking for your company, you need to make sure that put everything in writing. Make the breach legal, by letting your company lawyer produce a document stating the responsibilities of the ethical hacker, and what they are supposed to do. The contract protects your company and the white hat hacker, and of course, a non-disclosure agreement must also be signed. There are also cases when you need the approval of the authorities or government before you allow a white hat hacker to penetrate your network and system. This is especially true of your network, systems, or data are directly or indirectly connected to the government or factors that can affect the security of people or organizations beyond your company.

4. After all paperwork are prepared and signed by all parties involved, it is time for the ethical hackers from IT support Portland company to start doing their jobs. Firstly, they install all the necessary filtering systems that helps then figure out which ports are open in your system. You need to understand that black hat hackers can easily perform this task and start a cyber attack from there.

5. The white hat hackers need to select their hacking tools to perform penetration tests on your network and system. It is crucial to choose the tools meticulously in order to make sure that no mistakes will be made. The wrong tools by inexperienced white hat hackers can unintentionally damage your network and system, and so it is imperative that you choose only the best IT support that can handle ethical hacking.

6. After all the necessary penetration tests are done, the white hat hackers immediately informs everyone involved in the ethical hacking, especially you, about the vulnerabilities that they find in your network and system. You need to understand that a decision needs to be made right there and then to provide a fix for the weaknesses. You simply cannot leave the vulnerabilities out there, knowing that black hat hackers can do the same things as your ethical hackers can. So allow your hired IT support Portland company to make your network stronger and more secure. Cybersecurity must be your top priority, because without an impenetrable network, everything that you worked so hard for will go in vain if black hat hackers find a way to breach your network and system.


Ethical hacking is something that every company should consider for the sake of the security of their confidential data. You cannot just go through your days not knowing if black hat hackers can indeed breach your network and steal your data for their personal profit. And now that you know what ethical hacking is and what the process is for accomplishing this task, you can better make a decision on how you will proceed. The most important thing is, you need to hire the best IT support Portland company with white hat hackers to perform the job in the most efficient manner.

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